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Riot 3-05-2010

Leon Valentine

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Pretty good show overall.


Mayhem opens it up with a solid RP, and it's good to see the champ doing so. Valmont appears later in it, I'd image they'll settle their differences at lution.


Hazard vs. DiCanio was kinda weird...Hazard starts selling after only like 10 moves from david, meh.


I thought Dicanio would've been more of the face type as the heel thing is kind of the same thing trance is doing...only being like that mordecai dude (minus the whole hoss thing), rather than punk.


Page 2 we got trips talking with jim black. Trips' health looks to be in concern after the beatdown from valmont. Trips ends it as he needs to have a word with OCW's staff doctor.


Hostile takes on the new guy. Pretty back and forth, good effort from the new guy, but hostile does well. I think hostile needs to RP a bit more around his matches, but thats only my opinion. I also think he should maybe find a new theme, as the current one is quite homosexual...again, only my opinion.


Gaines comes out next. He wants another shot at the EX belt, this time at lution. Trance denies him the opportunity in a good heelish fashion. Not to keen on the term "super face" in an in character role though. The whole face/heel thing is more of the off the camera terminology I think. Still a very nice RP though.


Wesley comes out in the next scene to do some good stuff on the mic. He wants a title shot too now I guess, and apparently is entitled to one via his old rematch clause. Though I like that he's willing to slap some guys around if the bookers want him to (I think I know this guy who might wanna be getting back to action, shares a last name with jesus, think you can start with him ;) ). Candy seems to be interested in the womens division...another solid RP.


Felix comes down to the ring on page 3....his intro music is kind of hard to follow. the look reminds me of a mix between the old face edge, and shawn o'haire during his last stint in the E...it works out well enough though. Felix wants a match, and he gets one. A good back and forth showing from both men...I laughed a little at the "please reconnect your controller" message. :p Hollows should make his hair color more bleached, also. ;)


Now we get trips getting around to seeing that doctor, as he told us he was gonna do. Trips want to get cleared, but the doctor's just a bit concerned. Trips does some bargaining with the good doctor, and manages to get what he wants. "Do you know how painful it is to be tied to the back of a motorcycle and dragged through the arena?" <- I liked that line. An interesting set of RPs from trips, good work.


New dude gets a few lines in to kick off page four. He gets his point across.


Trips vs. KD is up. A decent match, I liked that it didn't drag on for too long, but also wasn't too short....a good length for match. Trips, get the durability out'a there (yeah, roarz, I know you didn't even use it but meh). And kd, try spending just a little less time in the corner and near the ropes. Kd you've gotten a lot better at reversing though, keep that shit up.


A return? Ha, hostile thinks not! I don't see why hostile feels he needs to go backstage and change tight though, in between every one of his scenes... :rolleyes:


I'll let the other people criticize mine and juadas's stuff I guess.

(Some faggot australian dude can't seem to spell the word "hallows" on a consistant basis in the opening detail...Rip on that.)


KD talks with stacy, this one goes a little longer than usual. You need to proof your stuff when your submitting though bro.


Gaines promises change!


Main event was kinda meh to be honest. I get what they did and all, I just thought it was really short, and could've been done a little better in some places.


Smythe comes out to close the show for his home crowd, with leon eventually joining him. Fausto excersises his authority to crash the party. I didn't expect the ending of it all to be quite like that. It'll leave some questions, and make things a bit more interesting toward lution. Good job.





Wait, also, what's with some matches not having music in em these days? Music entertains me...I like to be entertained...


Oh, and one last thing, where the fuck is my commentary? Let's clear this shit up. Should people just be writing it at the beginning and/or end of their RPs? Maybe give em their own color to make em distinct without having to worry about their pictures...




That One Guy is about to finish his promo.


That One Guy: K, I'm done.


That one guy leaves because its the end of his air time, and the camera pans back out to commentary.


Scaggs: Well, he certainly had some interesting things to say.


Poling: Yeah, maybe in your opinion...


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Back in my superhero days when I lived a double life and defended the streets of OCW from criminal heels. Then Batman and Spiderman and Superman all took over my marketshare, things got ugly, when into some financial problems, could afford the whole cape and mask, lost my job as a newspaper reporter and really feel into a dark place

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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I marked out but you coulded waited till PG2 for a review so people dont see a spoiler Craigert.


none the less good job on putting one out.


I know, I'm sorry :(


I was trying to wait though. The show had been up for three hours when I started writing, so I was kind of hoping there would be some mushy comments by the time I finished.


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Yeah my bad on the durability.


Only had it in there to test FPR stuff and forget to take it out.



[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


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[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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