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Riot 3-24-2010 (3 Hour Special Edition)

Leon Valentine

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Page 3 is up. Also can people stop doing after match rps. Just you're giving your result away by doing it.


Two sides to this, stupid to not allow people to do it, but at the same time it can give away results.


They're a good continuity boost, especially if you're using your win over X to further prove why you're better than Y, who couldn't beat X.


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Assessment so Far...


Good RP by Mayhems gang, I know Leon is supposed to be the leader but Mayhem is Champ so i give the rights to him. I remember when Air and Mayhem were in a bloody feud so it's kind of funny to see them working together now. Poor Air he'll find his place eventually. I'm sure Fausto isn't out of the equation.


Knox v.s. Pugh: I don't get pughs attire but meh to each their own, both sporting neon green for some reason, this match is pretty onsided all the way through and i'm kind of wondering why this guy isn't in the eX title picture, I'm sure he will be eventually but it's a well flowing ass kicking, very quick to watch.


Hallows Vs Flem: This match was more even advantage Hallows, however looking at Hallows I personally feel he should be smaller considering his moveset, even tho the moveset consists of some power moves and highflying he seems like a big guy to be pulling some of it off. Could just be me but thats what I see. I honestly didn't get a flow from this match, it was just a match, kind of got bored through the middle but it happens i kept at it, the ending wasn't too bad, both of these players for the most part are fair and thats a good thing to see, i just would like for some styles to be developed so these characters can stand out more.


Ex Champ: Eh Kip up? Despite not minding the type of end this one has had before for some reason this time i didn't like it cause it like wasn't right after a finisher or someone sig on someone else it just sort of ended...but ill leave this up to the forum, long match wasn't horrible just eh i don't see the point in this match right before Lution


KD VS Marley: Good intro for Marley, the music imean. I just don't personally get what KD is going for here, and I can barely make out the darkfacepaint he's using i think it's the same paint i use for my scars but meh i just don't get what he's going for, Black terminator? This match isn't FPR sound but it's not crazy bad, i saw a few things that can be fixed for the future, Marley got hooked up with the ref and after disengaging immediately hit KD which i think the better step is to reset but then i noticed at the same time KD was going for move so he didn't really reset either but it seemed the two handled it as a tyler and went on, theres a couple of moves i don't think fit either like KD does the double knee strike combo which the first two knees whatever but seeing a powerhouse guy jump up to hit the last part while holding someone down for me would scream how he should be falling onhis ass, it just doesn't look natural, and jookie uses this powerful looking suplex on kd that just doesn't look right on him either. it's a matter of oppinion but as i said before a flowing moveset that creates a playstyle highly develops characters and i'd like to see more people take that into account other than just using the moves that look cool, which i'm sure all your moves will look cool when you put them in a well thoughtout moveset.Not surprised by the end.


The Wedding: while reading this long wall of text i was sure something was going to happen, and as cliche as it would have been i wished it happened at the part where someone is offered the chance to protest the wedding, and i would have liked to see aries actually come out to break from this wall of text, I am glad Aries shut that priest the fuck up and i'm glad the FI match at lution has some buildup.


KD's Rp helps me put him back into perspective a bit. I guess i know what he's going for now. The use of the crowd calling him Madman and him being mad about it hopefully means thats not what he's going for....


Leon Abuses women, interesting Promo if it means what I think it means.


Smythe is being a team player, hope that doesn't last so long, it kind of sickens me.


VV TM VS LKO: match is more TM vs LKO as vv is not in the ring except to save trevor from losing the match however this match doesn't end so simply. Good show however i mean it's clear these guys are ME and they show what i discuss earlier, however in the rp element of it while there was alot of good video points i was curious as to why some of the stuff was done through txt that could have been done through video. No doubt these guys work hard on their stuff, but when able too why not actually show VV hitting his finisher on leon you know just to set it up even to that next bar, but there was nothing really wrong for it. I'm just asking for the whole bag of chips no air as a filler.


Keep it up OCW there are some rps in there i didn't really review but I read them and they were good. Felix hawks says some, Fausto sets up the rest of the show, Pugh and Valmont have a moment, Knox has a few words, theres plenty of content on this show have fun Forum.


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