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Riot 6-17-2010

Stacey Adams

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Is KD wearing facepaint?


Trance you look HUGE for a lhvy


Thank god Smythe has changed his theme music..this one is awesome..that Coldplay bollocks made me wanna puke.

I'm a huge Poe mark so this match was always gonne be good for me.


Dane's music is stupid and annoying.

I marked for the end of tha match, nice touch from Morgan,really rung Dane's bell :p


The ME was an awesome match.

Not really a fan of how it finished, but I see why it finished like that, still an awesome match for sure.


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KD was wearing facepaint, and I always was the largest EX guy, and now that I'm pushing towards heavyweight, and KD randomly slimmed down his caw.


I also quite like Poe's new look, far superior to his previous one with music that matches him. Kudos :)


The Aries Gaines interaction was very well done too.


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Riot was pretty decent. KD with face paint made me laugh. Trance looks really stupid now imo. Hate the look, long hair doesn't fit you. Attire is decent. The finisher you did only ever looked good on one person imho and that was The Steve, even if he isn't here anymore.


Poe looks good but Smythe just seems to be on a role atm. Charles and Richard could possibly have one of the best angles going. Love it I really do, keep up the good work guys. Danes theme makes me laugh it does haha.


Main event was decent. Nice to see Aries finally holding onto a title. EX is really picking up.


I hate Guy Fausto!


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