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Friday Riot Special Edition


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Happy belated 4th of July!

Welcome to OCW, keep tough skin, speak your mind, and most of all have fun.-Betterness

"I'm going to be brutally honest here guys... all we really need for a good Riot is a few RP's from Our Hero himself... he's an awesome writer!!!" - Smythe

CCWJustinTime: just funny how the shit i do goes un appreciative

[10-01, 00:19] Jookie Marley: fuck u nigga

[09-01, 23:50] Mr.Bentley: uploadafraud.com

[09-01, 23:45] Jookie Marley: what website do we use 2 upload now?

"Summercide was 2 white girls away from being a cook out" - Cyberbully 2099

" makes me laugh how its gone from all ambition era holding the titles, to 3 guys from 07 holding the main titles..haha

welcome to the 'Pensioner Era' - Parker

"This is all part of my plan to equalize the playing field until we have a roster of people I can actually BEAT" - Bobby Digital

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You could never guess...


who Union Jack is?


TURN THE LIGHTS OUT! I bet it's him, little cockweasel trying to get around being fired.


Oddly, Jack and that other guy worked really well together. I guess Prince "I love Fergal Devitt" Williams contacted that guy to try and get onto the show. As for the battle royals, they were pretty different for a change.


Some nice RP's, may your reign as GM be long and prosperous Versus, now get a new card out ;)


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Fair play to the guys in our match. I played like absolute ass and deserved to lose. Grats to the winner.



[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


2k9's better than 2k8. Like being shot in the knee is better than being shot in the head. - Guy Fausto

[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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