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OCWFED.COM has learned of more leaking news in the controversy scandal that has people talking heavily backstage about Vincent Valmont. We first reported three days ago on Dec.3rd that Valmont went to his private doctor to get tests, and scans done to determine any injuries. We also reported that the rumor surrouding the doctor visit was that Valmont was there to get the clearance to return to the ring, but that was shot down after Valmont left a comment via telephone that it wasn't true, and he isn't returning. His wishes to stay retired may come true after we first heard about this leaking news yesterday, and we waited until today for this.






As shown above it's proven that Vincent Valmont can't return to the ring. It appears we got our hands on a tip about some cat scan results, and it showed the concussion that Valmont has. We here at OCWFED.COM don't know just how long Valmont has had these concussions or if he was ever going to tell the truth if he did return to OCW. One thing is for certain is over several hours of calling to get ahold of Valmont he never answered. Instead we received a email sent directly from Valmont that states.


"I don't have any idea how my cat scan results got put out in the public over the internet for everyone to see, and for OCWFED.COM to report. I never asked for any of this. All I asked is to stay retired, and left alone. I wanted to return, but that was just a lie that I told myself. Much like the lies that I been telling everyone else. I never intended to lie about the truth. I just never wanted to be in this situation that I'm in. The fact that I may never wrestle again or do other things I enjoy in my life it feels like a virus that just keeps eating away at me.


I just want everyone at OCWFED.COM, and all fans reading this to know that I will be returning live at Riot this week to set the record straight once, and for all. No more lying...no more leaking news or stories...I will tell the truth live in front of all the loyal fans that deserve to know the truth. I may not been the most nicest guy when I was active, but I always kept my word. This will be no exception!"


It has been confirmed that Vincent Valmont will be at OCW's Riot on Dec.6th in Bridgeport, CT. Jim Black will conduct this interview again, and it'll be live inside that ring on Riot. Just might be the last time we'll ever see Vincent Valmont inside a ring again.



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I feel sorry for doctor that had to explain his existent in worthlessness..... I'd rather die in the ring but that's where men and him differ.


If I could be active the first thing that would happen for you is probably death in the ring. Make no mistake with or without the concussion. Take your baby steps first before trying to run a mile. :)


Also if I could be pinned inside a ring it would have happened since the last time back in late of 2011. :)


I'm retired, and atleast I can say I'm not past my prime. :)


Much love for those that care for poor ol' Valmont.

OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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