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Something Good......This Way Comes


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As Riot concludes, the ring crew deploys with surgical precision. As the denizens of the event begin to make there march back to the outside world the light flickers off.


For a split second there is panic as the lights immediately turn back on. As the march continues on the X-Tron flickers on and much like your favorite movie, we are treated to a special surprise..

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbDFocHI9ao]YouTube- Wrestlution 5 Hype.wmv[/ame]




Click the link above if the video is being silly



The Standing crowd erupts in adulation as re-energized fans begin to chant OCW, as they once again make there way out of the arena.


As the video concludes we cut to a the Duke Ellington Memorial in Upper NYC, around The Duke's neck we see a Polka Dot Tie flapping in the gentle spring breeze.

 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


"Booking Wrestling is the most thankless no-win position anyone could ever be in. When things go well it's the talent that makes it work. When they go badly, it's because the Booker doesn't know what he's doing." - Eric Bischoff


Jookie: what website do we upload to againi for got

Our Hero: uploadafraud.com

Jookie: fuck u boricua


"I'm like Smythe, except Good" - Matsuda


OCW works best when it’s a melting pot of different ideas and opinions coming together to create some cool ass shit. It’s at its worst when people are only invested in their own/their pals’ content." - Paul Pugh

"I'm 5,9" - Ry

"I'm sorry if this sounds mean but OCW shouldn't be allowed to vote" - Jake Allen

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Holy fuck-sauce.


Who made this thing?



[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


2k9's better than 2k8. Like being shot in the knee is better than being shot in the head. - Guy Fausto

[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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That was fucking hot.


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