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Quickish thoughts based on my initial viewing


So glad to be back. The break after cide was well needed but also "absence makes the heart grow fonder".


Dominion's entrance was awesome. If a rookie came in with that cheesy ass theme I'd criticize it but these guys can do whatever the fuck they want. Also shout out to whomever edited that because AWESOME idea to use Rollins entrance to incorporate Danny Watts into the fray since there's no 4 man entrances. That's how you use what the game gives you folks. It's a small thing but it popped me HUGGGGGE as someone who creates content with this game and always has to find creative ways to use what it gives you.


Was extremely disappointed in the women's #1 contenders match. Aside from the fact we didn't give enough pomp and circumstance to Holly Hunters return to action, the mouse cursor on the match combined with Adam's complete lack of effort to translate the Blaine we know and love from PS4 to Xbox took me out of it. It was super mailed in and I was not here for it. Next.


ASHLEY MOORE, THIS ASHLEY MOORE... is my favorite Ashley Moore. The cowardly, "oh be my bodyguard, oh I need help" nah that's in the past. she whooped Valk's ass. She whooped Debbie D's ass and now she's here with a brand new look to match her attitude. I could watch her come out and bury the competition on a weekly basis. YES YES YES. Way to save this match, Ashley.


Although I think Lee's comments echo himself, I think that was the joke. Glad to see Lee back in a mostly full time capacity but he's been disappointing in the ring, same with Trance. This is a great mirror match coming up between the two. Also don't beat up children. That's super dark (what a heel)


Paul Pugh is back, I popped huge for the video package. You all know I'm the #1 Paul Pugh fan. I have to say a "face" Pugh after how he's acted is a ballsy proposition but coming in against the gatekeeper and promising to earn his keep, that's one way to win back over the OCW crowd. Can't talk shit about the promo, it was great. Blending in and being one of the batch instead of acting like you're better than everyone. We'll see if he shows up again next week after KD whooped his ass. Welcome back Pugh.


P.S. learn how to reset. I've told you this before and I'll tell you again, you don't get to ignore FPR just because you're a legend.


Lucha Country doing a great job keeping their bond connected despite being in separate singles matches


DEREK SMITH is here! So happy to see the rookies show real excitement for being in OCW and doing shit from day 1. I'll give Derek a break for all the WWE imagery, branding and rough-around-the-edges editing because it's his first day and also it legit warmed my heart to see a rookie come in like this. We all came in rough around the edges and just the fact he's showing initiative gets me pumped. I'll combine colins promo here too. No video but both his RPs have been well written and immersive. They both "Get it" looking forward to their turmoil debuts.


Clark effect to set up a tag match I'm very much excited for. Face Kass, like Pugh, is going to be hard to get used to, but great job on Kass for flipping his entire image on its head with change of character and also giving us a reason for his actions.


Asher continues to improve. I love this guy's attires. He kills it in that regard every time. His moveset is a little cheesy with the overriding strikes in most resets, but this match was mostly clean save for a hiccup here or there. Good to keep Asher's momentum going as he threatens the INT title.


was VERY bummed to not get the tag match that was originally booked. Cort needs a break, making uncharacteristic mistakes in the ring at this point. His RPs stay crispy though and he knows how to make things make sense one way or another. Very intrigued by the Millionare Brigade's involvement. We'll see where that goes.


A candle. The answer to Jamie's riddle was a candle.


"System Shutdown" video was VERY well done. I have no idea where it's headed. Again makes me wanna keep tuning in. Who could it be?


I don't review P3 segments because you need to go and watch them yourself to believe them.


Good El Parca video package. Straight to the point, keeps ya boy in the forefront. Ahead of what turned out to be a fantastic main event.


Leon, much like Pugh, returns to TV with a vengance RP wise, a beast of a written promo including a video package nicely recapping what took him out after his Drago match 2 years ago. Glad to see him back and Elliott Parker has a real huge opportunity in front of him with Leon's clout (and his car) in his face.


Love fighting Jamie.


TY's promo excites me. It brings me down and makes me sad because TY is going the wrong way thinking he needs in-ring success to be over in OCW, but then I realize i'm being worked as he brings my spirit back up with a crafty and unexpected call to a friend. More reason to watch later shows.


Mark Reeses' music plays at the start of the Parca/Doc promo despite the fact that I whooped Reeses' ass from here back to Nebraska. It was what it was. More set up for the awesome main event.


Another Aries one-off or return might have been "meh" or like "okay sure" but this is intriguing. a new character means a new slate and newmatchups. As a booker, I'm excited to not be handcuffed by aries reputation and be able to book this new McCallum in exciting new matches going forward.


KD v Antonio needs to happen, I could feel this promo happening to me as I read it. Probably my favorite of the night and I don't know why. KD pops me so much.


Main event was just - *chefs kiss*. Back and forth, competitive, no real FPR issues, no real ethics bullshit. Just a match I got to boot up with one of my favorite commentary partners and enjoy. I'm a dumb asshole so I always have shit to say but I enjoyed this from start to finish. Wins and losses don't matter when your match is this good, folks.



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Jake is certainly right. Not enough time was spent on the transfer. I will be more proactive on that to ensure Blaine can continue being booked on xbox.
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Quick few things


Pugh coming back imo garbo cause of that match, also due to his antics with continuously shitting on the product outside of kayfizz just not feeling it whatsoever. He and KD need to reread the handbook but I also think KD went into Sissy Destroyer mode in that match and it was rather humorous on just how much of a shit show it was.


I love seeing BOTH of the rookies doing stuff Colin dropping a promo before the show, and on the show really makes me happy whilst both he and Derek seem to be consistently DMing and listening to any and all advice. Derek's intro vid is also really quirky but I liked it a lot! Everyone starts somewhere and honestly that's all it matters. So big ups to both guys and I'm super keen to see how they end up and where they go.


Dominion is fucking sick, tbh I have a gut feeling Kassidy is gonna try and form a faction to fight against them which I do not want to see. Faction wars just seem meh cause what has been stated in the Discord it seems like a lot more will follow suit and just pls no. Maybe you guys could like idk form some tag teams huh? Yea? No? ok. Either way it is rather interesting to see Kass who went from this straight up villain regardless or not if Emp was controlling him to now this sorta hype beast who wants to correct his ways? Bold strategy cotton let's see how it pans out.


Antonio v. Cort was interesting, I think Cort needs to DM some more and just get more honed on the sticks and he's a sureshot Main Eventer 100%. Although Antonio got the win and then was a dick who started stomping on the Sgt we seen big girating boy Jerome come to the rescue and that makes things rather interesting in the tag division along with Millionaire Brigade wanting to be recognized as a legit threat in the division as well. So super cool on that front as well!


Whoever made the "System Shutdown" video that was really interesting. Gives you a start of what I'm assuming is either a new character or a new arc in a current character's story. Really interested to see where that plays out and I want more.


Colby McCallum imo has SUPERSTAR written all over him. The caw looks fucking fantastic, that video promo was the best promo on the show (Written & video) in my opinion. I really liked how he shined a light into Aries and the fact that Aries indeed wasn't a "Flake" Or any other term fans/wrestlers in the locker room try to say he is but instead was just leaving pro wrestling to be a father. Now we got baby boy who is here in his own unique way to carry on his father's legacy while also carving out his own legacy as well! 10/10 wonderful Vid & RP of the night for me.


MY MAN SPARKS WROTE! We love to see these things, and do I sense a possible alignment shift from dear ole boy Sparks? His self doubt makes me feel bad but then he goofs around and whips out his phone cause y'know 2020 what else do people do to contact old friends and he said he needs some help! But who is this friend? And how can they help him? INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT YALL!


Asher vs Caine was alright, hiccups in the FPR department but *shrug* match served its purpose and gave Asher some momentum leading into Endgames.


Main Event was a blast to play against Doc, my head still hurts from the JJEs and that submission attempt, ya boy was just gassed out ya feel me? But that just makes me hungrier to come back better than ever!


Women's match was also pretty decent, I know people weren't content with how Blaine looked but I just said she came straight after a shift at the Roadhouse, and well time is money B ain't nobody got time to switch over their clothes when the match is a #1 Contender's match! Also, Ashley Moore is by far my favorite in the division I just love how she SHITS on the division each and everytime shes on our screen and I can lap that shit up any and every time!


All in all was a good show to come back after Cide with, can't wait to see what folks do leading into their builds for Endgames!

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Pugh coming back imo garbo cause of that match, also due to his antics with continuously shitting on the product outside of kayfizz just not feeling it whatsoever. He and KD need to reread the handbook but I also think KD went into Sissy Destroyer mode in that match and it was rather humorous on just how much of a shit show it was.



Nice to see you're still not charging me any rent to stay in that noggin of yours after all these years, Prince. You don't have to concern yourself with anything I'm doing, I'm specifically here to work with people who've got an IQ bigger than their shoe size - you're not in any danger of qualifying there honeypie.


I'm gonna say that Dominion looks interesting - IDK a lot about the other guy, but I do know that Rust and Everrett can carry their own share of whatever they're put in. That's a good thing because Nate is a lazy fucker. Getting all over the first show is key to establishing a big stable, and they did it exactly right.


Honestly, Jehst has long been one of my favourites when I've seen shows, and him being paired with Cort works well in my head. Two dudes who look and act like wrestlers, so that's something for me to keep an eye on for sure.


Leon is still the only man in OCW history who can type 3 pages and not say a fucking word worth reading, but its good that he's back because he's usually good value when he actually gets into the match - hopefully he still has the edge he needs to bury another rookie.

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