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Overall, really great show, loved it.



--- Review time ---


Dominion are always just a bunch of arseholes, I wanna see them lose, they're great. Looks like they're steering into the rich guys thing, I like it.



Tyler and Derek, good call to do a promo together, considering what happens after the Rookie Battle Royale, I do wish the spelling and punctuation was a bit tighter, though. I know that's the nitpickiest-of-nitpicking, but it'd make everything so much smoother and nicer to read.



Rookie Rush: Ah man, this was fun as all hell to play. I really like the idea of Wrestling Club not working too well together, hopefully they can play off that idea, it adds a bit of an unpredictable dynamic to things, rather than just being unbreakable wrestling bros. Well done to John for winning, and everyone involved for making a fun and fair match!



Lucha Country and the worst tombola of all time, I'm looking forward to the inevitable Christmas dinner promo. This was solid, had some funny moments, the descriptions and similes were great, enjoyed it.



Marisa stuff, I'll just group it all together. I'm a bit conflicted on this, it feels more and more like while she's got a clear gimmick, there isn't much of a character there. Maybe the 'She has to cover up, because this is PG' could lead to some interesting moments, but I can't shake the feeling that someone's just wanking themselves blind to this, and that is a strange feeling. They're not a bad writer though, there's stuff to work with, I just wanna see what'd be there if all the softcore stuff absolutely had to be taken away.



Danny and Parca: Jesus christ, great kickouts, and that finisher reversal chain towards the end? Nailbiting stuff, great showing from both, and a great win from Parca in the end. He's just gonna eat the entire midcard isn't he?



Caleigh, Morgan and Joanna. Creative stuff, I must admit, I have no idea what's going on, so I'm more waiting for a payoff and to see what's next, but the writing is good, it's purple prose-y enough to create an atmosphere and not too purple prose-y to sound ridiculous, which is a challenge in itself. Good stuff.



Inception vs Dominion: Man, I really wanted to see KD win a handicap match, the guy just looks larger than life. It's good to see Dominion getting built up, it was a generally fun match with some exciting moments. As said, I would've loved to see KD hold on a bit longer, and I also wish the game could do simultaneous pins, as one of those would've worked nicely, but still, liked it.



The Mantis promo. I may be completely off the mark here, but I'm really struggling to imagine a Hurricane-like character looking all moody and talking about giving his life. He's a solid writer, and I like the idea of him projecting loads of shit on people and coming for them (Maybe he could be The Preying Mantis or something), but, I dunno, I wanna see everything line up a bit more as a package. Maybe he's a troubled guy who wears a superhero costume because he wants the fans to like him, maybe he's trying really hard to be a sort of Evil Kermit version of El Parca. I dunno, potential here, just needs tightening.



Inception tries to stop Dominion. Yeah, solid story coming along, I do like this character dynamic. I'm probably too new to have decent knowledge of Code Red Harvey, but I'm game for it, let's see.



Derek Smith video, I liked the visual effect with him smashing the camera at the end, though I am not convinced by the pitched down vocals, and I'm not sure I got this segment's main theme. I can't fault anyone for trying a voiced promo, though, so respect there. Feels like there's more to come in terms of character development, and he's working towards that, looking forward to seeing what happens next.



B17's face lessons. Lesson 29, dodge the guy who beat you in an unsanctioned, no-holds barred Disney singing contest and hope that David Hasselhoff distracts everyone. Nah, good off the walls promo, was that a Mantis guest appearance? I honestly loved this, it's just a light hearted bit of jossling before the big match, feels fresh, better than a 'rargh i haet u' promo.



Women's match: New champion, quick win, I love seeing this stuff. This should change the landscape of the women's division and set some new stories in motion, and it was a good little match, too. I wanna see how the story progresses from here, I'll be keeping a close eye on it.



Fraser's audition for Father Ted. Good promo, the Colby stuff got my interest early on, nice to see it get built. I love the writing style, wanna see more, good stuff.



Flojo listening to her own music and Ashley's lost belt, ace, we're going with the 'fast count' storyline. I like it, Ashley has a nice redemption storyline coming up by the looks of it, and Flojo's looking strong, maybe she can have a bash at the title sometime, she deserves it after that peanuts comeback.



Terra's still my favourite thing in the women's division though, the promos are always fantastic. I have no idea how 'Nature good, I will beat you because nature' has been stretched to this many promos, but it's fantastic, the character works, it's the perfect foil to Marisa's antics, but truth be told, I wanna see Terra pushed to the moon, it's just brilliant stuff.



B17 vs Sheppard ft. David Hasselhoff Oh shit, B17 in John Cena mode. Can't believe I mistook this guy for a heel at first. Great match to see live on the chat, Sheppard would just not die. He's kept strong, B17 looks like a great champion, can't ask for much more.



Colin and the Wrestling Club, always fun to write with these guys, I like how John seems just permanently angry. Pretty chonky promo, but read it, it's a fun time.



The guy from Second Sight vs Doc: I had some suspicions how this match would go when I saw the entrance. Jesus christ, though. Comfortable win for Solomon, and I am really interested in Doc's character after this, as coming up to this he had this insane aura around him, and I hope he can keep that up as he goes forward, maybe working towards a world title or something eventually? Not the match I expected, but the sheer shock of it made it my match of the night, awesome stuff.



Colby, again, great, I like the writing, I like the story being told, I wanna see the match, it's as simple as that, not got an immense amount to say about it. These guys are building everything really well, let's see where it goes.



TY doing face things, I wanna see more of what Spider's doing in this scenario, and I get the feeling that something's gonna happen which takes TY past the 'I wanna put on a fun show' stage. Short and sweet promo that keeps TY in the picture, though, it did what it had to, and I'm sure there's more unfolding soon.



Jehst video, brawling happened, something's being established. It's hard to judge this video one way or the other, gotta see what comes next, hopefully this Jehst and Tre thing is a programme in the making, looks like it could get a little heated.



What, did DOC die? I hope not, I liked DOC.



Mugen vs Rust: Alright, now this is not the match I expected. After all the hype, Mugen got dispatched pretty effectively. Rust's there, looking like one of the Paul brothers just got sorted into Slytherin, Dominion's had a good night, this was definitely a statement.


Overall tonight, I do like how the champions reminded everyone of how good they are after losing KOCW, I feel like everyone's in a really good position now, Rust's recovered from his tapout, Parca's kept it together, B17 is looking good, and DOC is dying, and presumably on his way to a local medical facility. It's a really good landscape to go into in the new year, I wanna know if Solomon can hang on to the belt, I wanna see Dominion actually have a dominion over something, Parca's just gonna eat a bunch of midcarders until I get the Parca/Colin match everyone's dreaming about, DOC will hopefully not die, and I think we're at a point where any champion losing their title will be a real shock 'get excited' moment. Again, ace show, glad to be here, and had a lot of fun putting stuff in for this show.

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I'm just going to comment on what I participated in, as I haven't watched the full show yet and missed the viewing party on Discord.


The Battle Royal was awesome, and watching it again with commentary made it even better. I was a little bummed that I was the first elimination (by a finisher, no less) but allowing John to have the 'ultimate survivor' run towards the end made it worthwhile. In spite of that, I think I had a good run, taking it to Wesley especially felt nice, and on the flip side John and I kept swapping who we were going after to keep each other at a distance. Not eliminating Wesley when I could've was my biggest mistake, as I likely could've gotten him out a lot sooner but I misinterpreted the rules a bit, and I was dead-set on trying to eliminate someone through the button mashing mini-game.


So, I was tossed out by Tayy Breizee, and although it was a bummer (and left my back feeling like shit, thanks for doing that), I loved being able to watch the rest of the match in real time without having to worry about being eliminated anymore. Tayy getting what he deserved moments later by Tyler Walker was great, and Colin's elimination was fun too - as he got to orange mere moments before, and spent the entirety of the match being cautious and off to the side. The Final Three was a roller coaster, John outlasting against all odds was something I think nobody expected (me included especially since I was tossed out first), and it was a good showing from us and everyone else. A very fun match, and it makes me look at the future's of myself and everyone involved with a new perspective.


Before we can get too far off in the future, though, we've got to focus on the present... and right now, our focus is on Derek Smith and Tyler Walker, as I had to remind Colin and John of that later on in the show. Seriously, my back was in pain and those two decided to bicker? Unbelievable. Somebody has to maintain a level-head during all this nonsense.


Loved writing with Colin, and although I think we are alike in writing style, he certainly trumps me in the descriptions department. It seems like he can turn the most mundane thing into a paragraph read and that is absolutely stunning & amazing to work with. Hope we get plenty more opportunities to write with him in the future. Oh, that reminds me.. he missed his three o' clock training on Tuesday, so I have to track him down about that.. later!

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For rookies to know, the Nate character has been at or near the top for 16 years. So its not flaunted much but Nate's like "the rich guy".


My bad in the CCW match wasn't on purpose but didn't turn out to bad afterward. Was fun as always playing Bingo.


Enjoyed the Rookie match for sure. Had some good laughs and enjoyed the rookie video work. When you even get Kent to smile as a rook you're doing something right.


Glad to see Tre and Jehst progressing their stuff. *Non-title feuds matter too folks* More of those we have the better.


Proud of my stablemates. Danny played clean but let a few mistakes keep him from a chance at victory. I'm sure Parca would have had a kickout or two if one of those had connected. Tony cleaned up in the tag match just like he was supposed to. The Frenchize did his Frenchize thing. Danny has find his own ride to the jet after this one but he will be let on the plane.


I want to give my fellow staff members their flowers too. Jae, Jake, and Bookerman do a lot. Cleaning up mistakes and making plans. We don't appreciate how smooth things are now. So I raise a glass to you.


Looking forward to how everything shapes out in the coming year. Let's keep it rocking.

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Alright fuckers, let's strap in and review the shit.


Dominion Opening Promo


Nate calls for Dominion to be respected, he wants respect on their name and his name. Interesting dynamic and I really like the vibe he's setting with this promo. Short, and sweet BUT it delivers the point of "We need to remind these people who the hell we are." Let's see how the night goes for them.


Power & Glory Promo


REALLY, REALLY happy to see Tyler and Derek wrote for the show. This new batch of rookies tbh is just so awesome. UAE is looking real fucking good right now with these two promising young men at the helm for Archer & Co. Curious to see how Tyler does tonight and see if he can pull off the win for himself, his team, and his investors!




Well, I didn't expect the show to start off with me freaking out in VC. (Sorry not sorry I am OCW's #1 Mark/Simp and will freak out accordingly.) But wowowowowow what a god damn opener. From Colin playing it safe cause idk if he was nervous about FPR or what but god damn he was doing so well! The spot with both members of Wrestling Club and that arm move was *chefs kiss* everyone had their spots, pops, and moment in the limelight. John winning this was an interesting pick because he and Chris tried to avoid one another (good storytelling) so this gives momentum for both men. Can't wait to see where it goes from here.


Lucha Country Drawing (In Character Review)


It isn't the Christian way to not award the true winners as Reese would say. Also, I thought a Ford Ka would be a Ford CAR. Not some rinky dink mobile. Will remember this next time so the big man has more space.




I love working with Danny, he and I just have a natural chemistry when it comes to working with one another. The match imo was a banger I was super proud of how it went down. It also kept the door open for Watts coming back after me as he never fully connected on the Act of Violence soooo like WHAT IF? But yea love you Danny thanks for being a great worker brother.


Joanna, Caleigh, and Morgan Promo (In Character Review)


You all are seeing the three most important women to grace OCW. With Lady Caleigh guiding the Promised Two we shall be unstoppable. The third eye opens and never forgets, we are coming for each and everyone one of you.




Ayo.. VC I am sorry for how I was going off in this match. But bro, I think this is match of the night for me. KD & H2O were getting DOG WALKED BUT MY FUCKING GOD!! They brought it back and KD just went into the "Sissy Destroyer" mode like this wasn't Gatekeeper KD nah this was NEXT LEVEL KD. If this KD comes out in singles matches tbh we're all fucked cause my god he is a MONSTER. Like this match had so many ups and downs I really didn't know who was gonna win but damn Dominion did it and my goodness it was absolutely insane WONDERFUL match.


The Mantis Promo


Well, this is quite literally the first ever shoot promo someone has written on me. Ngl though, I enjoyed it! I think Mantis should've directed this energy into the feud he's doing with Jordan Trance and not me as we are not working together and it was a bit silly. But, the dm promo turned into an Anni promo and I was a fan of it. Next time though, do it against the person you're feuding with homie progress the story you have THEN you can shoot on me!


Inception Post Match Promo


This. This is how you don't undermine losing BUT you losing doesn't hurt you as badly. Love seeing KD & Harvey together this dynamic is just real cool and I fuck with it. Gonna be curious to see where it goes from here and I'm curious to see how Harvey plans on fighting Dominion even more alongside Big Sissy Destroyer KD!


Derek Video Promo


Derek, your voice naturally is fine for a promo. If you need help don't be afraid to reach out to me as I can help you. But the thought was there and honestly that's all we could ever ask for out of anybody. That ending especially was FIRE curious to see where this BEAST goes from there.


Shep, TY, and B17 Promo


One of my favorite characters/people in OCW is Ty. The duo he has with B17 is genuinely just so funny but wholesome. He just follows his lead in trying to be a better person and be possibly the next Action Hero? Just putting that into universe also just love how Shep is here confused as tits to what's going on lol. Curious to see where Ty goes this season AND how the match between Shep and B17 goes.




This, was not expected at all. I really thought we'd get Marisa Welch in this match BUT! We got La Mujera and I didn't hate it at all. Really solid match between the two competitors and honestly Ashley deserves a non title run for a bit. I feel like holding the division on your back for as long as she did I imagine the handler has some stories they wanna tell that don't revolve around the title. Or I could be talking out of my ass and she could immediately want another title match to become the THREE TIME Women's Champ and I wouldn't hate that either! One of the Cohle family won so far tonight can they perform the clean sweep? Great match and congrats La Mujera!


James Fraser Promo (In Character Review)


Yer a daft cunt Colby.


Flojo and Ashley Post Match Promo


Ah shit here we go again. Goochums just finds a way to get involved in some shit when all she wants to do is vibe out to some music and eavesdrop. Ashley, obviously not pleased she just lost her title is on a path of revenge and hellfire. Curious to see what leads from these two going at one another. Do they fight again? Or what? Who knows but I'm excited!


Terra Promo


I see you also enjoy nature Terra (hehe.) But, really curious to see where this goes it's nice to see Terra doing something especially with Marisa as much as I'm not keen on the character. Seeing the women's division move and do stuff is always refreshing especially with a new champ the opportunities are endless! Neat promo can't wait for more!




HAHAHAHA THE STREAK LIVES! Obviously Nate wasn't intentionally trying to fuck on B but that made me laugh. Two years in a row baby we keeping that shit alive! (Eyes on whoever is CCW Champ next year alongside with the challenger) I also don't know if it was planned or not but I actually really liked that Shep decided to stay down when being hit by The Net. Adds value and prestige to the move that B17 is honoring Drago by using it. Really good match and we got to see that B17 is truly Super B17 and he isn't going anywhere. THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!


Wrestling Club & Colin Promo


Words bruh. But that happens when you have three people writing and Colin is involved. The man is a wordsmith and every promo he is in is always real good and a great read. I like this idea of Wrestling Club training Colin but only sorta. Since Wrestling Club are also rookies surely this has a limited shelf life and maybe we could see them take frustrations out on Colin and maybe Colin gets a tag team partner for a blow off match? Ill continue my fantasy booking but real good promo can't wait to see where all 3 men go from here.




This match obviously gets the reaction of the night. Literally EVERYONE bet against Solomon Caine and my dude did the impossible he.. #BEATUPDOCGREEN and became the NEW Light Heavyweight Champion. Every dog has it's day and this day was Caine's really happy for him as Caine is always one of the more dedicated handlers and sticks to his guns with his ideas. Can't wait to see where him and Doc go from here but congrats Caine well deserved friend.


Colby McCallum Promo


Colby McCallum is probably my #1 favorite character in OCW right now. The character building, the look, the moveset, and entrance just has it all. If there was a rookie that could become a rookie World Champ and be believable again it would be Colby McCallum. This feud with Fraser is very interesting as both men are adding a new dynamic into their movesets/personalities. Colby has a new coach, and Fraser is now associated with Scumchester Academy. Curious to see where it goes between both men.


TY Sparks Promo


Spider... Quartz.. staring at Ty? What does this mean? What are they up to? Run Ty! Well no don't run but take flight and make them catch you and all your wild dives! Real curious to see where this goes and how it turns out!




FUCKING LOVE JUSTIN JEHST LET'S GO!!!!! My dude looks like MONEY. This feud with Tre is ramping up to be a good throwdown the only thing I wish we got out of this was maybe a sneak attack from Mac. Just to show that Tre & him are still together but nonetheless really interested to see Tre and Jehst throw hands and settle the score.


Doc Post Match Promo


Well fuck me my dude is spitting up blood. Someone get this man a doctor and tell him he needs to live to fight on a different day. Short, but compelling and gets the job done ily Doc feel better bbi.




Well the main event is here and Mugen looks ready more than ever! Holy shit is that Paul Pugh's son? (hehe f u Rust) I like this new look on Rust really fits the fuck you I'm gonna do what I want, when I want, however I want. And honestly this match many were wondering just who would walk away as victor. And Rust showed us/reminded us JUST who he is. He is the OCW World Champion and he put a big stamp on this story with Mugen. Straight domination and then it was over. Dominion reminded all of us who they are and why they are here. Real good main event and curious to see who awaits Rust Cohle next.



This show was absolutely fantastic. I am so happy I was able to be in the VC and react how I did (once again not sorry for being loud turn me down or mute me everyone deserves the obnoxious reactions for their content.) This show in my opinion top to bottom didn't really have any valleys match wise. Sure the Marisa promos were goofy and just not a fan of (in my opinion at least.) But every match delivered and every match showed us that anything can happen in OCW. Huge shoutout to the staff for all the work they put in behind the scenes. Big thank you to Jake, and Jay for their wonderful commentary as always. And another shoutout to the community as a whole. Without all the people on the show then there is no OCW, this is my second Anniversary show and it was awesome as all fuck. I cannot wait to see where we go from here going into the next year! Much love y'all from your favorite Dos Straps Dual Citizenship lucha El Parca have a good one!

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Thanks for love fellas! I remember saying to Doc ,dammit we getting our asses whooped, cmon! Then I lost my Irish! I screamed when Toni kicked out But this isn't the end.

Definitely enjoyed the match .

Fav 5 ...,, you know what every sissy who dropped content for this one a winner in my book.

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Late Review time ? PART 1.


Dominion RP:


We dominate. And that’s all you gotta know.


Derek and Tyler RP:


Nice and easy. Power and Glory huh ? I like a rookie Tag Team feud and seems we are heading to it. Changes quite a bit cause I don’t remember it happening the last few years, so that’s a plus. I am interested.


Battle Royal:


Surprisingly good. No real FPR issues, quite a clean match. I did not anticipated Tayy Breizee’s return at all. I thought he was Loki dead. I am not a fan of Battle royals or multimans, even more when rookies are in because you never know what fuckery you are going to see, but hey, kuddos to everyone involved. My pick won, and the post match angle made me care about the program even more. Continuity. Keep up the good work. I am nice on this one.


Parca and Reese RP:


LOL. Nice. The Brian Feinstein and Rust Cohle jokes made me chuckle. Reese almost ruined a perfect Tombola. Nice little references here and there. So LC has to spend Christmas with the Hattons… Well.. That can only go the right way, right ?




What a weird world we live in. That’s all I got to say. Love the Marisa work cause she goes all in on the gimmick but lord have mercy on this fed.


Parca vs Watts:


Business has just picked up. What a match. Back and forth affair, and even tho we had some hilarious spots (Danny going to the top way too often or the missed clotheslines), it was a very fun match, and at one point I was like “Parca might lose this after all” but he didn’t. Once again a great defense by our International Champion. Even tho Danny got screwed.


Joanna RP:


Okayyyy.. Sorry Guys I just came back from a weird dream where OCW was within the world of Sleepy Hollow, Penny Dreadful and Berserk. I was confused. Still am a bit to be honest. But that was the vibe it gave me. Which is not a bad one after all.


Tornado Tag Match:


That match got me ON EDGE. What was looking like an easy night at the office for the Dominion Boys in the first half, turned into a succession of events that almost made me panic. I don’t know what happened to KD, but at one point he just took a SISSY Protein Bar or an “Archer special kind of candy”, but he went ham on the boys. H20 also got in on the fun, playing very smart with the Tornado rules. It took a mighty effort from both of them to take out “Inception”. Nate with the intelligence, Tony with the 2 pins. What a match. MOTN.




Mantis is the Smackdown hacker. We now know. Or he is a freak obsessed with Parca. I usually wouldn’t give props to a guy that only reads his own stuff. But finally a half decent promo by the Green man. It only took 17 years. Kuddos. Hope it makes you go the right way. With Jamie helping you building your first feud, I sure hope so.


Losers RP:


Stop talking about Dominion and go kiss somewhere else, would you ? How many members have to beat you 2 ? Go on the road together, sip some Pina Coladas while cuddling and just shush your mouth about us. (Still a good promo. Love both of you guys)


B17 RP:


Lord,I popped and laughed so hard at this. Thank you Bingo. Keep them coming please. Great use of the ongoing feud AND locker room talks. Amazing work.


Women’s Championship:


I won’t spend too much time talking about it. It was hit or miss. And the VP and everybody reacted pretty well about the reveal and the new name for Zoe Cohle. Also, a great job by Jay to share his wrestling knowledge about La Mujera Oscura’s past so everybody is up to date when she gets into the ring. And thank you Ashley. Year 2021 is a Cohle year.


Next part coming up..

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