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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


"Booking Wrestling is the most thankless no-win position anyone could ever be in. When things go well it's the talent that makes it work. When they go badly, it's because the Booker doesn't know what he's doing." - Eric Bischoff


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It's late, I'm writing this at 1 in the morning because I can't sleep. Enjoy the review not my grammer or spelling. Don't like what I have to say don't fucking read it. Write your own damn review.


Dominion Entrance

- Nice Dominion entrance. I like the fact all share an attire design. Danny watts getting buried by his own team in their entrance Sad. lol Anyway jokes aside nice promo very good use of text and video for a group of people. Did Nate's face change? something looks off.


Harvey RP

- I get what Harvey was going for in this and it wasn't a bad Rp just a weird one. Something about the inner monologue thing just seems weird to me. How did the stranger know that the guy on the bike was Harvey? Is Harvey riding around town without a helmet on? Anyway decent rp weird but decent.


Tucker vs Trance

- I'll be honest I hate the knew tucker look. He looks like a guy that sells old 45 Vynals out of a milk crate to get money for his garage band. I know he going for something else but, This is not it. The hair is fine but, the music and the entrance attire. ugh.. Take this gimmick back to africa and come with something else. I like the Jordan Trance look but, the typical band logos are a bet over done but its decent. I like the music. Something about the tron reading future idiot made me laugh. Match was good, the constent move misses got a laugh out of me. For two people that are suppose to be rookies I let it play to the idea of the match so. Expected alittle more from tucker but, it is what it is GG. Winner J. Trance


Extra - Even with a kendo stick Mantis takes the cool level out of it. If you gonna pull that angle do it with a cooler looking attire coming out looking like a threat not like some jerk off that just came from comic con. Mantis needs a new attire.


Cort RP

- After school special message from Cort didn't hate it kinda wish this message was coming from someone he knows and is close to in OCW rather than a homeless stranger. But, It wasn't bad. Hopefully the Homeless doesn't waste all that money on alchol. Something in me expected Cort to give him the car. The money was a better idea. lol


John Carter's Message

- Nothing against John or Derek but, this video made no damn sense. One min he's talking to the cameraman . Then the cameraman isn' there anymore and he's talking to Derek. They two get into a heated dispute over archers car okay thats fine. THey get into each others faces okay ,"Lets go start swinging." The go to the parking lot? why? ...fucking fight nothing but air stopping you why go to the fucking parking lot. Okay we in the parking lot now and it turns into the most childish playground fight in the world.. Why you climbing on shit kick his ass. What happen to Wrestle Club? Why you diving off stuff? Now we on the trailer.....WTF! DED...No? not ded? what the fuck! why jumping on him? why you helping him up? Why!!! I can't ..I just fucking can't.. If you throw someone off the trailer end it. Don't keep going you...fucking sell it. Moving on.


B17, Ty, Wrex

- I like the dynamic of B17 and Sparks something about it just works. But, we keep going back to sparks as a kid. He has been here for a while. He has won a title. He isn't a rookie anymore but, everything keeps treating him like a kid. Everything between B and sparks can't be treating him like a kid. When he was a rookie it works but, Its nice to advance him in the eyes of B17. Love the back and froth with Wrex most people Bee and Wrex themselves are probably tired of doing this dance but, I guess I can go for one more round. Happy to see wrex back but I do kind of wish it was going against someone else.


Archer and Crew

- uhhh this was alot to read.. I have nothing against a long promos but, a long promo with a lot of people long winded talking gets so confusing. Honestly I wish this promo came before the John carter message and it had more to do with getting back and Wrestle Club for hitting archers care. I wish the two linked more this just seems more like a promo just for a promo to me. If this had more to do with what Derek did do John and mentioned the trailer and putting him out of commission and what they play to do to Chris would have made for a better follow up . Groups need to talk and work things out. This could have been better.


Don walker video

- Basic Video I don't understand why there was crowd noises at the end of the video but, nothing during the video. But, small editing stuff I'm sure it'll get better. But, this was your typical rookie video. Don needs to cut down on the baby oil also he looks alot like Old Elliot Parker. CAW could use some work but, once again I'm sure it will get better. Won't pass to harsh of a judgement.


Reese and Parca RP

- Not bad decent sized promo The Lucha Country team has been one that I wasn't huge on but, I dont mind them being more goofy considering Reese has been pretty goofy for a while with thinking his Clark Effect was a date and a few other things. So it's growing on me.


Franklin vs Maxx

- Let's get this outta the way too many people releaseing the doves and I'm not sure if Franklin ran out of layers or points or whatever but, you gotta get a better font made for the back of that jacket. Ask someone in discord if you can't do it yourself The in game font stuff should only be used as a last resort. I like the changes Maxx has made tron is nice and simple and caw looks alot better you can acutally see him during his entrance. I hate the glasses but, honestly it works for him. Match starts off pretty good. Love the back flipping dive ...Ohhhhhh he land on his dick...lol nice! I would have excpeted the rookie not getting up after that. lol Maxx is doing pretty good showing that he's been at this for a while. Nice mix up on moves from Franklin. It was a pretty good match. Well done. Winner - Maxx


Extra - Ohhh shit Aisu is backkkkk baby. The Arms dealer has his eyes on Maxx? Okay..Let's see where this goes.


Ashley Moore , Welch Rp

- Ashley doesn't like Welch , Welch doesn't like Ashley but, they have a common goal its just that simple. Short sweet to the point. Probably the only time I would like a Welch promo.


Mantis Rp

- This was a very well written Rp to bad it was attached to the Mantis. You can't make threats and try to sound like a bad ass and come out looking like a special needs batman villian. No hard feelings dude but Manis could have army of people behind him and he is still not a threat. Bulk up, Change your attire, do something because what you write don't fit your caw. Moving on.


Colby and Fraser Rp

- First did I miss something? Colby is the son of Wrex? I'm so lost maybe I missed something. anyway.. This was an Rp. It didn't advance anything it didn't change anything they could have been talking about different types of axe body spray.. It wasn't bad Just two guys talking about a friendly comp.. Would have rather saw them doing a tag then fighing each other just because.


Woman's Tag

- I try to support anything for the women's division since it doesn't get as much attention as everything else. Hence why I'm so harsh on the Welch thing as in my opinion Its a step in the wrong direction.. But, this...this was by far the worst women's tag match I have ever seen. Maybe the match was laggy I dont know but, Credit to Terra and Ashley for trying to make it look good. But between La Mugera and Welch running around like chickens with their heads cut off, Welch refusing to tag for some fucking reason, Breaking FPR multiple times, Almost hitting an early finsher, Repeatly trying to grab or punch when not tagged. Spend less time trying to make revealing clothes and do some DMs. This match couldn't have ended quick enough. So many times I just wanted Terra to do her fin and end it. .. Winner - La Mugera and Terra

Extra - It was pointless just unnesscary beat down and pointless taunting.


Colin Rp

- This is a lot like a P3 segement either you are into it or you're not it was a nice break from all the drama had a little humor it was good. If this hasn't been done I want this turn into a weird episode of storage wars or something. Find like a kill room from dexter or something. I don't These are good when they aren't too long.


Colby vs Fraser

- Very standard match.. coller and elbows , rest holds...the works.Don't mean it in a bad way Honestly this is what I feel the Wrestle Club is going for which is pretty much " The Reveal" But, Colby and Fraser pull it off better Wrestle Club are more like the Young Bucks without the flipping. it was a solid wrestling match. Winner - Fraser



- This was very well written but, I don't care.. Not that I don't care about Parker and what got him into wrestling or any of that but, I don't get what it needs to be on the show for. This seems more like a promo room thing. It's not building to a fight. Its not aimed a person. It's heres a backstory but why? And what's with all the neckbeard stuff? Is parker a heel if your a heel but why are you trying to get the audienace to give a shit about your history. If your a face you shouldn't refer to your audience as neckbeards. Moving on..


Jehst , Tre Rp

- I'll keep this one short It was good. I like the tension and detail. It's a good building factor keep Tre and Jehst heat in mind. I look forward to seeing where this might be going and what the outcome will be.


Harvery Rp Part 2

- Agains the inner monolog is weird to me. I just picture it as harvery standing around with weird looks on his face while everyone is looking at him like is he okay? is he having a stroke? I would have rather he had some kind of interview but, it is what it is.


Tucker Rp

- So Tucker has went from yelling and screaming to mister rogers or some kind of hippy.. okay. Still think he needs a better attire. The hair is fine i guess but, What i'm picture from the rp doesn't match what he's wearing in ring.


Quartz, Ty, B17 Rp

- Yessss.. this is an amazing promo.. I like how Quartz treats Sparks its the complete oppisite of B17. Quartz has a goal and he's not letting anyone get in his way of it. While B17 seems to be alittle to distracted on things. I've said it earlier I want Sparks to Man up he had it going for a while but went back to being " dumb kid" Sparks has pulled off alot of things but, it all seems to get overlooked and that shouldn't be the case maybe its time B moved on. Starts to make you wonder if sparks needs B or if B needs sparks.

BT vs Dominion

- This should be a good one.. lets see who Dominion choose....Danny WATTS! Ohh and Nate okay Lets go. Nice lock up at the beginning starting things off on a slower pace nice...Danny doesn't appear to be much work for B. Figured sparks would start but this works..I like the switch up between Danny and B and Sparks and Nate it's a good use of old vs new. B and Sparks working together looking like a real team no so much dominion they did some moves together but felt more like two guys that came together for a one time match. The match itself was good DIdn't get a whole lot of nate in this fight but I guess it worked in their favor. As nate came in almost fresh as a dasiy to wrap things up. Winners - Dominion


Third Eye , Flojo

- I like the dynamic here but this rp comes off a two people writing the whol thing then passing it to flojo to add a couple lines. Morgan and Joanna just giving flojo a verbal beat down and Flojo just spits out some random insults and does nothing else. This is one of those rps where it shows that flojo didn't put in effort. I'm liking this faction and what they are trying to do with Flojo but, gotta do your part can't have everyone writing you story for you. A lot of people say Flojo is peoples champ is over but, honest I don't agree I like the flojo character but all the momentum and praise I don't get. Flojo highest moment was coming out of the Queen of OCW since then I haven't seen anything worth being hyped over. Get's a good story and does not. Gets good momentum and does not. Shes a tea kettle on the stove with no fire.


Kass, Cobra Segment

- This was a very long segement But, I watched the entire thing not mostly due to the impressive use of skills to make this work so well. The easter eggs in the background. The editing work put into I'm super impressesd. My only tweak would be making the chat boxs bigger maybe they kinda get lost in everything going on. But for the most part really like this.


Shep Rp

- Shep refering to previous damage from Mac which is nice most people just kinda brush off they were in a fight beating the hell out of each other. I mean some people get thrown off a fucking trailer no sell it and keep fighing like its just something to do on the weekend. .......sorry sorry...Nice promo shep its simple logic you Mac pissed off Shep and now he will pay.


Ashley , La Mujera Rp

- This makes no sense.. I love Ashley character but, But she went from being serious we need to win this to talking about Mujera using sorcery during the match. I did care too much for this follow up I would have rather the loss been taken a little more serious. I love goof ashley but this was jsut a weird switch after taking a loss to someone she stated earlier she needed to beat.


Rust , Spider Rp

- Good Rp not much to say on this one it was solid another short and simple Rp that just helps feed into the rivlary between Quartz and Dominion. Rust might be worried about quartz but he better keep an eye on spider.

KD segment

- Very decent KD video it back and someone gonna get their ass kicked.


P3 segment

- I've said this before either you love or hate p3 segments I love them as a break up from all the other serious rps and videos its a nice change of gears as its always something new. And this was no excpetion. I'm happy I can take part in the p3 segments more now and look forward to doing more


Main Event

- Let's get to this. first Commentary was amazing I like the new solomon caine attire but something is still off I would rather caine looked more like his handler in the face and hair . I'm not a fan of harvey's hair mostly just the sides seems weird small things. anyway this was a okay event. Harve was going full speed and taking it to Caine who did a very good job of keeping his own. my Biggest gripe with the match is the reset runs..reset run..reset run..ugh it does not make for a good fight in my opinion coming off thirst. Match was good could have been better not as good as the Turmoil Main event but not much to complain about it was another solid match with just alittle too much running attacks. The end could have been any mans game Caine did a pretty dann good job of keeping Harvey on his toes. Winner - H20


Extra - I agree with Comms , Harvey should know better than to trust shaking Caine's hand after everything caine has done and harvey has been through you would think the longest reigning champion would have more sense than that. Nice to see the return of Doc I feel he hasn't been gone long enough to be fully missed but It nice to see his return.

Not sure what the point of the video was suppose to be during the end. It was a nice use of past story and materals but, I don't understand what trying to put Kass against H20 is suppose to be leading to. Other than that it was a decent reveal by Blacksmith but I would have prefered he didn't attack h20 and just kept up a mind game save the attack for a go home show.

Instead of attacking H20 should have had the lights go out come back and just have a burning table in the middle of the ring and Blacksmith's face on the Tron. Send a message without touching your oppoent. Save physical contact for later.


Thats it i'm done.. fuck off.

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