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RV's OCW Turmoil 11-11-2008


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2 x Hardcore Champion (Longest defending OCW champ,19 defences)

1 x NA Champion

1 x Pride Champion

1 x TV Champion

2 x OCW World Heavyweight Champion

F.I Winner 2012

MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


'Don't worry about no one else, hows my hair look' - Tiberius Dupree

'Wipe you ass and go to bed' - Sensation to B17

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I enjoyed Tyrmoil this week except that one ending.Watch the entire show you will see.



Dorien Arnaud :1x Ambition Champion, 1x hardcore champion

Kat : 1x BombShell Queen

K.Dangelo : 1 TV champion 2x Hardcore Champion 1X North American Champion 2x Tag Team Champion, 1x Pride champion

Espado : 1x Light Heavy Champion

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Thank you to the people who got there matches done. Now i had a lot planned for Turmoil that fell through. With 09 coming out last week and then me going to raw and smackdown monday and tuesday night along with work in the day so didnt really get time to put what i wanted together. Still a great show and props to everyone that put the work effort into this.

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We open up the show with Versus coming in and reminding Chole Taylor (Who's best days was when she was being stalked by Majin) that she works for Versus. He also tells us that just because he's been silent doesn't mean he should be forgotten. He's the one that trained our champion. He also not to happy about Nate Ortiz's actions. Could something be brewing with these two?


Next out is my boy from I-Gen Vincent Valmont. I like the whole Hardcore Tour as it's never been done in this fashion. Yes I realize Parker has his career on the line everytime he wrestles which I find very interesting but Vinny is the challenger on the trail trying to prove his worth. It's an interesting dynamic. The RP he cuts before his match with Kip is meh a bit cheesey in my opinion. I think Valmont is a natural heel but he's finding his way as a face. It takes time and patience. He's a different type of face in my opinion. He's gotta play the whole I'm not gonna cheat to win but don't fuck with me type face. He calls out Parker, but he's been doing that each match so who knows if that will happen. The match itself was pretty decent suprised that Valmont got the win. He came out strong and has looked better each week. Kip is a good wrestler but maybe he was just off his game during the match. One gripe is there wasn't much hardcore action. Parker makes an apperance, and then grabs a microphone. I like these two and we know how good a match can be with them. I hope this is held off for a while though because Valmont needs to continue this tour get better and not get beat again by Parker ( :) )


Next we move to Regan with in his office still confined to his wheelchair. Some good comedy calling for Leon and what not. Gaines and Regan present kind of an odd pair. I like the interaction but I would like to see Regan flex more power here. Overall though not bad. When will Regan strike back? Could we see a match between these two old guys eventually?


Next we get two of my all time favorites with Vega and CJ Hoppus. All us old school nuts love this match up. I wish CJ would be around more and RP more as he is a great Underdog and is skilled at the game. Would be a great EX Champion. COME BACK TO US CJ!!!!. Vega is bad ass an is basically the silent assasine when it comes ot wrestling. Speak somewhat Vega just one line like "I'll kill you and win" Good back and forth action early on with CJ showing me some offense. CJ trying to end it early with a few pin attempts, Always like to see that as it adds more realism. CJ Hits the Educator and then goes for the SSP. I lke to see him try a move after the finisher. Great try but Vega rolls out. Even after the botched chance to end it CJ stays ahead. He hits the deadliest EX Spear in the world and grabs a big win over Vega. Great match between these two.


Next we get a nice heel promo from Ryder who has really suprised me with his good heelishness. I think he was definitely getting lost in the shuffle and stale as a face. This is a good change from him. He comments on his chance to wrestle Kip for the Pride Title and then moves on to his match with Finale against Kavito. I like how this one became a tag match with ( I think it was K DeAngelo) coming down to help out a former tag partner. Nice win by Val and Ryder who suprisingly worked pretty well together


Next we go to the I-Gen locker room with a misplaced RP. Kang somehow had wrestled Parker before it even happened. Anyways interesting RP between I-Gen. Could it be that Kang is still hung up on what Nate said to him last week? Also interesting stipulation that was passed down that before Leon decided not to show up to his own show he said that I-Gen couldn't help Gaines at all. Gaines makes a call afterwards to someone who said he says considers his wife family. Last time I checked Jeni is Matt Wilson's sister hmmmmmm..


Next we get Parker and Kang. Great anticipation as both these guys are on a hot streak. Parker interests me as I think he gets knocked on because he always wrestles hardcore. Not sure the RVD Roll suits you. Some good wrestling throughout though with both men getting some good offense in. Some suprisngly technical wrestling from both these men. Kang finally picks up the win with the KANG BOW but great effort by both men. Bloodline-I-Gen could look good coming up soon maybe????


Next out is Nate.. The man who always brings some big news or big action whenever he is around. I like the tweener Nate as there is reason and action for Nate to be this way. He "appriciates" Kang coming to the ring last week but warns him not to get in his way. He mockingly congradulates Smythe and says that Jay made a big mistake. Nate makes the shocking announcement that he will be wrestling November 30th against Leon and Jay for the OCW Title. Shocking news!!!! This pales in comparison to what Nate says afterwards. He says that the OCW Roster is banned from ringside and there will be a 15ft high cell surrounding them in the match. If Nate wins he gets 5 minutes to finally pay Jay back for 2 years worth of pain. Damn!!!!


Next we get our Main Event. but before we do we get Jay and Versus talking about cutting costs so they can still live the life of luxury. They mention Guy Fausto and it made me think just how much I've missed the nerd recently. I'm waiting for him to come back at somepoint and make a big splash just like he always does. The match itself is a bit meh. I think both me and Versus were a bit rusty but it was still fun. If you notice there is one point where Versus both run in a circle. I had to ask him what the run button was and we both tried to figure it out. Overall Versus showed that he's still the man. After the match VFM attempts to continue Leon's punishment attempt from Leon as he goes outside the ring and grabs a 2x4 with Barbwire wrapped around it. This spells disaster for Gaines as I-Gen can't come to his rescue. Just as it looks like Versus will finally kill the pest Gaines, An old friend, and a former S.E.X partner comes to the aid of Gaines. With Deano laying the spinebuster on Versus we see a temporary reunion of Sexually Erectifying Xchange. However that's not hte end of the suprises. Just as Versus is backing up the ramp way we see a return of a former friend. This sets up for a One Night Only Main Event for next week of REV INC vs SEX.



Overall I thought Turmoil was a decent show but I really think Leon dropped the ball with the chance to capitalize and make a bigger name for himself. The matches that were there were good but people can still RP more. I feel like we get the same RPers. Overall good work to everyone though





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