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Riot 10.02.09

Alex Robinson

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Was kinda short but good.Where is Smith? Where is Guy?Trance has been dming like no other lately and in his and Casey's match it definetley showed off.The Epic vs Aries vs Leon had a very good one and after The Epic's rp I found myself pulling for him.But like always (dammit) that sob always finds a way to win again.Judas lets get it.Cruz was none too happy with Poe ,get em!Deja vu to end the night ,this could and should make for interesting ppv main event!



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Good show people.


And for the Main Event...




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Relatively good show, I really dig The Epic and I think it will be an interesting character spin for him. Trance has really impressed me in the ring.


As for the main event, I feel like each week I watch the title is changing hands with some sort of twist or turn and in my opinion and I know it won't be popular but I feel like it devalues the title. I know Valmont has improved leaps and bounds but to me his character is still Cena like in that I feel like he' always talking about proving something overcoming odds rah rah rah. As for the way things went down I'm sure Guy will have a say in it some how which should make it intersting. I would love to see a Guy Leon title bout. I apologize if I rubbed anyone the wrong way. I know there was hard work put into this and I"m not bashing the work just my own take on the storyline itself

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I understand what gaines is saying about the main event, but i actually wanted to see fausto v.s. Valmont, no offense to leon, but i went onto riot, going through the show, and i was excited and curious to see if maybe valmont could shock us all. I understand gaines bringing up the cena thing, but like everyone is trying to overcome the odds when it comes to guy fausto, the mans a beast. so suffice to say, i was kind of disappointed witht he main event. Grats to the chyamp i'm not a hater, i just wanted to see a match, not a twist like some tna ppv or something, that lets down a good few weeks of hype.


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