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* Suddenly a mysterious voice is heard throughout the graves and the gravedigger starts too get in a sudden trance as a black voodoo priest comes out the woods *


Voodoo Priest: Make preparations for our new helper, my worker slave.


Gravedigger John: Yes, master!





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like valmont does all the videos...damnit. Sorry if ours was long, didn't mean for that to happen, i'll be back home later with a parchment, gotta work first. This show looks exciting though.


2009 Season:

Singles Record:3/2/0

Tag (Including Handicaps):0/0/0

Gimmick Matches:Trip.Threats:0/1/0

Championship Matches:


Career Achievements:

Dual Champ.

Best Feud Nomination in 2008

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Sunset Summary


Kang/Aries vs IEDS

Surprised at the winner here, i assumed with the reversal skills of Areis and Kang they woudl be hard to beat but it seems the team that was expected to get beat hung on for dear life and pulled out the win. Some FPR issues here and there K.Dangelo tylers and sometimes does not back up, and Kavito as well. Also Kavito does not wait for the pin to happen before entering the ring to break it up. Smythe once said in shoutbox we should change tag rules to 1 break per player and that's it. I like that idea and FPR should look into it.

Other then that it seems luck was on IEDS's side.


Bold vs Poe.

I have a feeling POE did not give his entrance music to bold.... if not POE is a sick dude. Good match, i like these two guys! Boldo seems unbeatable latly and much of it seems to be that people can not damage him as fast as he damages them. Once again Boldo with the splash set up to his finisher nice job on that!


Trips vs Anton

Both players are skilled and it seems trips may be on a crash course to meet with boldo to avenge the bitch slap heard around the world. Good match solid match but for some reason i just do not see Anton as a clown anymore.... it does not fit him!


Bloodline vs ?????

And they win again Bloodline is trying to skake negative spin of not winning their first few matches and doing a good job of it (! but leonheart and Deano make a strong team! But we all know leons weakness.... an elbow to the foot! I think Deano has a reason to not like leon if you ask me!


Steve vs tyro

Great match from the FPR members as they keep this one close. I really thought tyro was gonna pull it out but steve shows his resilience and pulls out the win. Steve and tyro are both good players but i think Steve is tricky with his timing that really can be the factor in a win or not. I think if steve is part of bloodline he should have the intro as well to keep things cohesive.



Guy vs Mace

Again Mace i expected you to do better but from my understanding guy is a beast and shows it. Good match and the ending was cool, a reversal into a "as guy says" WTF Cutter! nice job!



Mania vs ????

How many bald tattooed bearded guys do we have in OCW? is Pee Stee and Irving related? Still a good match and i thought Pee Stee was playing very well against Mania. I thought the WTF cutter was a cool ending and boldo's splash set up was cool but mania takes the cake with the slide under into Clothesline from hell! VERY NICE!


VV and Poe

good to see you guys continue the feud but did anyone read what i have said in my past 2 Sunset summary's, NO NEED FOR 2 MINUTE BEAT DOWNS! 2-3 moves some text and its over is all you need to get the point across.


The NoHomo Club


Justin Rox

Smythe D. Wonder x2 (3rd times a charm)



Deano Horse (Given and Taken)


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I see your point, but in a tournament setting like this where it's every man for himself, I chose to remain doing the solo thing. After the tourney is over for me, I will probably end up doing just that...using the Bloodline entrance.

Sensation: "I'm an ignorant hispanic."

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