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Riot 3-11-2010

Leon Valentine

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Either change the tagline or let someone who can actually pull it off post the show! :p


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MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


'Don't worry about no one else, hows my hair look' - Tiberius Dupree

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Just a note here. I don't like most peoples' music choices in their matches. I'm not bothered if they leave it silent, I just listen to my own music usually anyway.



[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


2k9's better than 2k8. Like being shot in the knee is better than being shot in the head. - Guy Fausto

[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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Trips vs Spoon hands down match of night!



Dorien Arnaud :1x Ambition Champion, 1x hardcore champion

Kat : 1x BombShell Queen

K.Dangelo : 1 TV champion 2x Hardcore Champion 1X North American Champion 2x Tag Team Champion, 1x Pride champion

Espado : 1x Light Heavy Champion

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I Like your music gaines cause I love that song but i mean considering what the song is about... I don't know if I'd choose it as my intro...but I didn't so no matter, just thought I'd give you a heads up if you didn't already know that you might wanna look up the meaning. I mean i guess it's me being childish to say you might not wanna use it for that reason, but i always tried to make my entrance music coincide with my wrestler in some way or another and I figure you might be doing the same, but like i said, disregard this if you're all good on it. Like I said I actually do like that song.


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Dual Champ.

Best Feud Nomination in 2008

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