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Riot 4-22-2010

Leon Valentine

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I mark for Trance's jacket.


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Loved the show. I loved the ending as well.


Though, the Pedigree reversal could have been done better. Other than that, great job.


Yeah it could have been done much better the counter to how it looked. It just came down to time in the end and kinda had to role with that. Not exactly what I wanted but glad people enjoyed it.


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I also enjoyed the end of riot, didn't really pick up on the counter thing that Aries spotted, but what I did not like, was every heel being perfectly happy and smiley at the end, taunting as if victoriously. They should have been hurting, staring angrily at the triumphant faces in the ring.


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Trance, i know I wasn't around for a while, but I'd appreciate it a ton if you took the shooting star splash out of your regular moveset, as it's one of my sigs i've been using for a while, and theres alot of sufficient moves to fill that void.


In the same regard Smythe you use Trance's Spinning reverse sto as a reg move which isn't cool either.


Say what you want about the unofficial sigs, but these are official ones, and despite you guys not being newbs it's the kind of stuff we designate sigs for.


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