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RV's OCW Turmoil 09-09-2008


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Not anymore lol one little number in the link was wrong.


Oh well first day at the office. Lot's of shit. So too do some Regan Rage!





Never Fear Regan is Here!
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Ethics issue... use your counter buttons... when you are stunned do NOT repeatedly hit the strike button... it makes matches look like crap... use the counter button to counter instead of jamming the strike button...

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Nate is banned from the building...yay :)..so he gets violent.


Kang vs Spoon-The rock 'n roll outlaw is back! I marked.

This match was a strike fest,looked pretty even most of the way but Kang started to pull away,Mania made a strong comeback as kang's strikes got easy to read towards the end,but it was too little to late for spoon as he fell to The Kang elbow,or what ever he calls it :)


Carlos' family are in trouble...oh dear.


Bloodline hit the ring and get the crowd riled up.

Its almost as if Smythe is trying to convince himself that Bloodline are the best faction as he keeps mentioning it every week..lol....don't worry smythe.i'm sure you'll be up there for faction of 08,as we know it means so much to you.


Air vs Mad Mike-my boy Mike's intro is markworthy as always :)

Dam does Air come out fighting, he's tricky for a little guy! it seems Mike has forgotten you can't strong grapple a tech until single yellow..i marked when air rolled at Mike in the corner and recieved a boot to the head..lol.

Air yellow, take it to him Mike, stamp his head clean off!

For a small guy,Air's legs have a ridiculous reach,Mike seems very rusty this match.lots of tylers in there aswell as lots of reverses by both men.

Nice finisher reversal from Mike,strong whip into the turnbuckle, ouch that looked painful and sent Air's body red,nice exchange of reverses near the end,then Air comes away with the win. Booooooooo!


VFM has a twist instore for nate's match.


The Steve intro=mark out.

Challenge answered! Ronald McHogan makes his presence felt! What will The Steve do?

Valmont jobbed his title away on the first defense,what makes him think he can hang with the International champ> brain damage maybe?


Omega Dragon vs Wesley-I marked when wesley did Smythe's taunt mid match..lol.

Nice armdrag into spinning wheel kick by Wesley,i marked for the spinning taekwondo kick from OD,sent wesley flying.

Nice fast paced match from 2 good ex stars, i'm a huge OD fan,and wesley can more than hold his own,i lol'd when wesley reversed the pele kick, made it look botcholicious..lol

Pink Panther music....i marked..lmao. bad ass spring board reverse ddt by OD,nice finish and a well deserved title sht for OD,he's been tearing shit up lately.


Air needs to go to the hospital,it'll just keep getting worse the longer you put it off little man.


Nate is turning into an ignorant s.o.b..go Leon..can't believe i just said that!


Omega Dragon has a few words for Stacey backstage.


Leonheart vs Nate-Nate looks wierd in trunks..lol..reminds me of a black haired Jericho.

Dam this match is fast paced,lots of strong grapples beiong landed and reversed,nice out of ring action,there's more outside fighting than in-ring..lol.

I marked when Nate spinning back chopped Leon's head into the post :)

Leon's head is red and they have only just got back in the ring..omg.

Silly emo, you'll break a collarbone diving out of the ring like that....Nate hits a longer P2S elbow drop than I ever hit....big piledriver from Nate,Leon goes for the pin and doesn't even get a 1 count...this is a ME,strong grapples galore...very easy to watch.

Somebody actually hit the chops in the corner..omg..i marked.

Leon;'s on a comeback,,,big side effect from Leon,Nate quickly ends the comeback by slapping on a figure 4 leg lock.

Sweet fin reversal from Leon,Nate is finally red, will Leon be able to hold on and retain?

Leon's gonna tap,this could be the shortes title reign in history...the hand is coming down,....you gotta watch it to find out what happens :)


Turmoil was good this week,not great, and it sucked there was no page 5 due to Dangelo and Mugen no showing.


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Are you kidding P2S the end of TNT was powerful.
 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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I think this wesley fool should change his name...I know I'm not active at the moment...but i don't understand this random wesley character who is smythes cousin...when i get out of arkham asylum...i probably won't do anything...i'll be reformed...but you people just wait and see...from this post you'd think...i'm...turning...in....to.....SM....Y...TH....E


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I think it was Mugen, not Dangelo, as Dangelo may not always get consistently booked, but gets his stuff done when he is.



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lano 15: thats what i am gonna do to you in UFC

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