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Most Wanted Week One


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1. The Steve - Despite having a rather quiet week The Steve showed us why he has become a champion to fear in OCW with an impressive win over our World Champion Leonheart on Riot.


2. Chris Mania - Went 2-0 this week with impressive wins over Deano Horse and Smythe DaWonder. Although he got the assist from Nate, a win over SDW will put Mania up there with potential contenders to the World Title. (Later got owned by Bill Gates)


3. Kang James - I-Gen had a mixed week this week but Kang James remained strong for them throughout. Won over Trips in a handicap on Turmoil and beat down Aries in a brawl on Riot. Countless Rps dotted across all shows. Easily I-Gen’s stand out member this week. Also mocked Leon’s hat on Riot.


4. Kip Conrad - Another one who had a quiet week but an outstanding victory over Carlos Cruz to defend his Pride Title puts Kip ahead of the masses this week.


5. Aries - A mixed week for the little fake Scotsman. He got off to a good start on Turmoil. With the help of Jacob Trance he made a mockery of our former Television Champion Trips as well as beating Trips in a handicap with forced partner Kang James. On Riot he had not so much success falling in a brawl with Kang.


6. Parker Stevens - Another hardcore title match and another victory for the man who just will not be beaten when that title is on the line. Despite a huge effort from Omega Dragon, Parker still keeps the strap and his job.


7. Evan Knox - Not much from him this week but when we did see him he made a claim and he backed it up in that ring, something not a lot of people are doing these days.


8. Nate Ortiz - Despite not even being employed by the company Nate Ortiz finds himself on our Most Wanted list, only Nate could. Had a weak point on Turmoil when he failed to save his wife from Smythe but got revenge on Riot costing SDW his match with Chris Mania.


9. Jacob Trance - He didn’t have a match this week but he was active on both shows contributing with a lot of content. Shades of Rev Inc dressing as ToP with his Triple Trance promo on Riot. Lost points for being assault by Chris Ryder in textual form.


10. Chris Ryder - Someone else who went matchless this week but gains a spot due to sheer amount of content. He had a good bit of dominance over his opponents on both shows but lost big time points because they were all in lazy man’s text.


11. Carlos Cruz - Much like the previous two he gains his spot due to the large amount of content he produced across the week. He lost his points for failing to become the Pride Champion.


12. Dangelo - Very quiet week from him. Victory over Magnus to open Turmoil earns him a spot but he has to get the work rate up to move up.


13. Smythe DaWonder - Not his strongest week in history but in true RD Money fashion he kept his pimp hand strong and put a ho on her ass. Unfortunately for him that ho is married to Nate Ortiz who cost him his match against Chris Mania on Riot.


14. Leonheart - Just barely manages to claw his way onto the list this week due to his content and silly hat. His loss to The Steve puts a dent in his position but none the less he makes the list.


15. Omega Dragon - Didn’t manage to win the hardcore title this week but gave it one hell of an effort. A lightweight pushing a heavyweight that much especially when said heavyweight is on such a roll is impressive.


Welcome to OCW, keep tough skin, speak your mind, and most of all have fun.-Betterness

"I'm going to be brutally honest here guys... all we really need for a good Riot is a few RP's from Our Hero himself... he's an awesome writer!!!" - Smythe

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" makes me laugh how its gone from all ambition era holding the titles, to 3 guys from 07 holding the main titles..haha

welcome to the 'Pensioner Era' - Parker

"This is all part of my plan to equalize the playing field until we have a roster of people I can actually BEAT" - Bobby Digital

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Who do I have to payoff to get the #1 spot?


Good to see the Most Wanted back, give me a hollar if you want and graphix work done.

EST. 2006




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Awesome job, big markout for the guys who did this...fucking awesome.


2 x Hardcore Champion (Longest defending OCW champ,19 defences)

1 x NA Champion

1 x Pride Champion

1 x TV Champion

2 x OCW World Heavyweight Champion

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MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


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"Lazy man's text"? If there were any typo's in any of my RP's, you can blame outside input, I always spell check my work.


That's not what was meant by it. We mean the fact that it was text at all. If you'd beat down Trance and made him tap like a bit in video form it could have boosted you. Text just seems kinda lazy. Hence the wording.



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