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OCW Turmoil 03-03-2009


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haha naw I like the whole getting up if you try to drag thing... I wanna see a straight pin... if your too close to the ropes you risk getting your pin broken up!!



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Aries and Ryder RP: Aries did a great job in his opening scene. While reading through his RP, I kept thinking of a voice with a deep Irish accent..well done. The way you guys tied in Ryder to come out was well done as well. Ryder did well in his part of the RP as well, but Aries creativeness puts his RP over yours in my mind. Then Ryder almost kills Aries and that about ended it. Overall, it was a great start to the feud between you two. All of the effort put into this was well worth it, bravo.


Trance vs. Hero: Great opening match. I liked Hero's entrance music because of the hero incorporation. I also liked Trance's, but I have no idea what they were saying in it..A lot of reversing in this match, which is always a good thing. Hero wore the dog tag chain necklace during the match and I was having ADD like effects during the match because the necklace kept shining. But anyway, back to the match. Trance, you took it to Hero all match, but you couldn't close it out multiple times. Hero, you did a great job of sticking with it and it paid off. Great ending to the match as well.

K.D. RP: I like the whole mystery man storyline you've got going on. It's going to be interesting to see how his identity will be revealed.


Rox RP: FAR BEYOND METAL! Maybe the tag team championships will finally mean something again...


Cooper and Air RP: Cooper gives us a history lesson to start off the RP. And before I forget, what is with your potty mouths. I don't want me kids, if I had kids, to hear phrases such as "giant jerk" or "big stupid". Come on guys, try and keep it clean out there...But anyway, seems like Cooper is scared of facing Air, so now Air might have tried to hard to get a match with Cooped and dug a hole a little to deep by accepting the challenge.


More later....



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Maybe the tag team championships will finally mean something again...





Yeah when me and smythe put aside our differences, and whoever the champs are decided to have a tag tournament.


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