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RV's OCW Turmoil 17-03-2009


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Um my rp came way too early should have been after the match.



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Its a good job for the rest of the roster that The Steve has been inactive for this long, he is a monster at 09, a valiant effort by Frank but ol' iron lungs took it too him Bloodline style!

And Frank, that colour is horrible man :D


Mad Mike..what happened man? I'm gonna put that down to an off day, and i want the hobo testing for steroids! He is gonna pay for that at 'Lution!


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Leon and Casey open the show up, with an explanation/rant from Leon, and of course some support from Casey. And never to be seen with his mouth shut, Smythe goes ahead and becomes his own personal publicist, and even tosses in a WL4 plug, before letting Leon know that he'll be in Wesley's corner this evening.


Double S decides to use JR's Guide to Commentating during this show, which Rivers is disgusted by.


Then we have Steve v. Frank Smith. Not bad, but Steve's a freaking beast...unless he's facing ol' VFM. ;-) I see Mr. Smith is feeling a bit festive, diggin it. Good match, clean, and like I said, Steve's a beast.


Next is improperly placed RP with Dangelo, his friend Sean and a mystery man, who is clearly a seasoned veteran. Who could it be? The clues aren't necessarily obvious, but it's cool to have something going on that people can talk about, if they talked.


Air has decided to smash up VFM's limo rental. VFM's not having luck with cars lately. Air does this on purpose to get some more in-ring action, and VFM obliges, by giving him Dangelo and Poe, 2 on 1. Coop's nearby, and although he doesn't take part in the car abuse, he tries to take credit, as to keep an eye on Air...whether Air likes it or not. But, VFM being a spiteful ass, ban's Coop from the building. That'll show him.


Apparently someone in this world DOES use pay phones, and his name is Aries. Wot? Aries. Wot? You fuckin heard me. And it seems to me that he's ordering himself a hooker that's a fan of OCW.


Any RP with the term "Round eyes" in it is comedy silver to me. Not gold, but still worth a good chuckle. Although the video tends to go on a bit too long, it's still nice to see people putting in the extra effort...or any effort at all. Kudos Bax & OD.


Coop is probably my favorite big man wrestler ever. His passive aggressive attitude towards everything is awesome. He's like a 7 foot, 300 lbs Gandhi, but with much worse taste in clothes. How he gets himself back into the building after getting banned is classic Coop.


The Air/KD & Poe match wasn't quite like VFM said it should be...but when is it ever? Great match, Air n Coop got sumn special going on there. I dig the chemistry, and am kinda psyched to have some part in it.



My favorite lines of the night:


REGAN: I tell ya what… I’ll stop pushing the button if you admit the Grey Poupon line was lame.


MORRISON: I happen to think it was a pretty good…


Regan pushes even harder on the window button.


MORRISON: Fine… fine… it was weak, but it was either that or “have you seen this boy”, but that came off sounding too child-molesterish to me.



The RP between MMM and Regan is a must read. Well, the whole show's a must read, but the way it's written, you can visualize everything, and it makes it that much funnier.


Ooohhh, Jealousy is a robe that Nate does NOT look good in. If I were a lame, fat, middle aged housewife/cow, this would be the part where I'd say "You go girl." But instead I'll just say "what a cunt."



Gaine's digging up some personal shit on Vin. Shit like this interests me. Not as much as porn, but I'll read it.



Chris Ryder makes an appearance with Police Official. I bet Steve was in the locker room, putting a towel at the base of his door, making sure to keep all the smoke away from Mr. Officer's nosey, nose. Ryder gives Cincy the rundown of the Ex match at Lution, and then a history lesson with the Ex title. All the while, eating a healthy delicious apple, until he tosses it out of the ring. (funny where it lands) When suddenly, Aries comes in and makes an appearance, and it's This is your life or in this case "Ryde of your life". Aries brings an onslaught of embarassing people for Ryder. But there's some great stuff in here, and i don't want to give it all away. But Aries gets pretty personal, and Ryder's black heart seems to just, not...care really.



Hey everyone, Deano's here. Yay!



Valmont isn't psyched about visiting Regan, and finding out what his little bit of news is. But Vince is a professional, and goes to find out. When he does, he eats Regans cookies. Yep, and he's still walking. Rare occasion for someone stealing Regan's cookies.



Next up Guy v. MMM. Tough match, and from two vets like this, especially guys who know each other so well, I expected nothing less. I will not give away winners, but someone tapped.



Schivalry is not dead. Regan steps in for Casey, what a guy. What a guy.


My RP, part 1. Hopefully you enjoy it, this set of RP's are one of my more disturbing RP's. I'm proud of it. FU if you don't read it.


Hey jealousyyyy......Nate's one of the hundreds of guys terrified that Deano's pokin his wife. Wouldn't be surprised...Deano pokes a lot of things. Shit...Deano would F a tree if it had a hole in it.



P2s v. Valmonty


Closest match of the night from two of the best in OCW. And oh man do I still love that Bloodline logo.


MMW meets MMMW (Mini Mad Matt Wilson), check that, MBMMW (mini black mad matt wilson). Unlike Nate, Matt lets him live. They go on to explain that Mayhem being out of action wasn't their fault...even if it was. Then Team Irving's locker room gets more of an ancient japanese brothel, with Seth Snapping his fingers and broads doing his bidding. Kudos.



My RP part 2. This is where it gets distubring.



Looks like Tiff's chasing the Horse. Can't say I blame her after the Ike and Tina display...I just aged myself...ok...after the Chris Brown & Rihanna display from Nate and Tif in the locker room.


Regan's an animal, and could have won the main event single handedly. I once saw Regan beat a full grown, rabid, angry black bear to death, using a box of tissues and a pillow. Onto the match, Wesley Snipes 1 and 2 are somewhere on the screen. I see white boots...you fuckers need to wear reflective lenses, for real. With the contrast the vid's give us, all I can tell is that you're human, shiney, and wearing wrestling attire. Regan's wrestling attire is classic. And when I say classic, I mean from the beaches off the Jersey Shore circa 1947. I can dig it. The end of this match is killer, I mean, I hate XX's, but the old man gets a good one.



See how easy it is to watch a show? Just to let you slacking fuckers know, I'm at work right now. And in between running 5 departments, working 60 hour weeks, as well as preparing for an upcoming board meeting, I can read, watch the matches and write a review. Half you asses don't even have a job, so there's no excuse. Fuckin sad.


No matter, it was a great show, a LOT of developments, and 5 comments on a 6 page show, with a pre-show, that's been posted for more than 12 house is digsuting.




Rox & Spoon's RP at the end. This adds serious depth to the ongoing feud between Spoon n Poe. I'm curious as to where this is headed.



This thread's making me fucking sick. OCW is dead. Not the site. The community. Congratulations.

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I am infact 2 shows behind...


but this place is as dead as ever... kinda sad seeing how Lution is coming up...

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I got to say the effort from K.D and Poe was amazing. An think if Cooper hadn't reversed that finished K.D would have went over him. :eek: Scary stuff.


On Smythe's comment about Lution I personally don't see Lution improving on last year. There just isn't the same quality of story IMO. The EX guys are working hard and you've got Mayhem and Seth as well as Mania and Poe but other than that I fail to see anything unless I'm missing something.


Coop and Air's story is being worked on but I dunno why there's just something about it that doesn't draw me.


The Leon and Smythe match is kinda meh also since it's two heels headlining the big event which doesn't work as well as the classic good vs evil IMO. However that was my fault since I jobbed the battle royal.



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ima watch er since its in my home town. future reference though, this wouldnt go down in paul brown stadium. it would be the US Bank Arena and or Cincinnati Gardens

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