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OCW Turmoil 04-08-2009


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Ok the reason for my rp I did a exhibition match but the video got messed up



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Kat : 1x BombShell Queen

K.Dangelo : 1 TV champion 2x Hardcore Champion 1X North American Champion 2x Tag Team Champion, 1x Pride champion

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Technically every show should be watched... I follow OCW like I do the WWE... everyone should do the same...


I will say tho that this years crop of OCW need to take creative writing lessons.... they aren't as much fun to read as some of the greats...

Signature 1 - The Alpha Heel

Signature 2 - Spear 5 (F) - Stargazer


Finisher 1 - Flapjack 2 (F) - The SDW

Finisher 2 - Reality check (G) - Dawonderful Dream


Finisher 3 (i'm cool enoigh to claim 3 moves) - The Darkside - THe Million Dollar Dream

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Trips and Ryder are surprisingly good. Leon has his moments from being very compelling to being drab. Smythe you are one to talk ironically you to could take some lessons, in grammar especially.


But seriously you do make a good point. Its just some folks got it some folks don't. Like Versus is pretty much right now word for word one of the best if not best writer in OCW. Does he get recognition for it, rarely if at all. Its a dam shame, I remember a time when Versus provided a Bar every week. And it wasn;t just lol Ima stoner either. Especially then as it is now. Im hoping lution and there after acts as a wake up call.


As much fun as MMA may be, E-Wrestling still has the potential to be extremly enthralling and entertaining.

 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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Baxter vs OD- This was a looooong ass match, but there was some nice spots in there. Like Baxters double foot stomp off the top of the ladder to the outside, that looked awesome as the stop never usually connects....

The match started to feel intentionally dragged out as Baxter got so many blinking finishers but either never attempted to hit one or screwed around til it went away..i was actually praying for it to end..

The match went irish whip crazy towards the end, seemed like none stop whips, OD hits a KILLER spot from the ladder, awesome leap man, awesome.

Never seen that table finisher before, that was mark worthy.

The longer it goes, the more i'm thinking it's intentionally dragged out for ' omg' spots, Bax doesnt even attempt to hit a fin, rather just chucks oD outside and goes for another big spot..end the dam match!

Nice finisher...FINALLY...but this match should have ended like 15 minutes sooner atleast.


Leon vs Cruz- i'm expecting a huge squash here from Leon, (sorry cruz)

I take it back! Cruz is takin it to the champ! I see why he gets 'Got Heart' every year...

WOW...you need to watch all this match, what a match, Cruz steps up...BIG TIME.

Leon should be dominating going into Lution, now he might have been tired from wrestling HHH at mania this past sunday but still,this bodes well for Smythe, the age of Dark Vader could begin come sunday1

Oh yeah...Cruz and baxter both have the same CaF..lol.


SDW vs Regan-The pensioner is feisty for being 127 years old!

I marked for Smythe using the cobra clutch as i know thats his all time favourite submission hold :D nice.

Nice match, I marked for the end, hopefully the ME of Lution won't be a letdown, I'm sure these 2 will put on a hell of a fight.


MMW vs VFM-" of my top guys here. MMW is trying to avenge his loss to me last week :) and VFM is just out to hurt someone.

VFM gives the line of the night before his match...the 'SS Hateshaft'...ilmfao.

I mark for VFM's sig move, Kevin Thorne ftw :D

Wilson is basically tring to stay alive here..nice fin reversal, then he manages to worm his way to the ropes when Vs slapped on the 420BC,that looked nice, then a nice counter powerslam from MMW, a fin reversal from VFM,then another from MMW..this is turning into a hell of a match. MMW always turns into a monster in the last stretch of his matches,seems he needs like 5 mins to get going, then he comes alive.

Another fin reversal from VFM, this is a Lution quality match right here! Finally wilso ncan't hold VFM off any longer, nice CAF from VFM, and a hell of a match.


MOTN is close between MMW vs VFM and Leon vs Cruz(due to the result and how well Cruz played) but i'd have to give it to VFM and MMW.


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1 x Pride Champion

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MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


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The opening match-up between Omega Dragon and Chris Baxter, aside from Baxter clearly wanting to quick grapple half the time (Multiple attempts within five seconds, made me lol), and a bit of tylering here and there, it's not that bad of a match. A lot of high flying (expected), a lot of weapon use, and a few great spots (I.E: Ring bell to a running Baxter's head, Hurricanrana off the table). The match just dragged out, way too long in my opinion. If you know the match you've done, was dragged out, and has a lot of repetition in it, then cut out the boring bits, it saves the match itself, if you do that. The finish was okay, but I'd like to point that Baxter and Cruz have the same CAF, you two might want to talk to each other about that.


The next match-up ...



*Cough* Moving right along.


This is a very close match-up, which is a surprise to a lot of people. It was an up-hill battle for Carlos, and he did a great job of staying on level with "The Chyamp". A true sign of change in a player, here in OCW (IMO), is when they step up and beat somebody you don't think they're going to beat. Leon did the same thing, when he won the OCW title, now we just have to wait and see if Carlos can do what he did last year. It was a really close match, right until the end, Carlos came out of nowhere to get this one, and full props to him for getting the W.


Our first main event, involves Smythe DaWonder against the Turmoil GM, Ronald Regan. Doesn't Regan remind you of an old Kurt Angle? I know, me too right? Anyway, onto to the match. The old man is putting up one hell of a fight, I'll give him credit for that, but you can't beat a rapper you shouldn't have fucked with, surly. Regan hit Smythe right in his chocolate salty balls! Poor Smythe, looks like he'll feeling that in the morning. A lot of back and forth action, but Smythe seems to have the upper hand throughout, but drawing near the end, Regan starts to get some momentum, and could go on to win this thing. Smythe knocking out the referee, as Regan threw him at him (Smythe) was priceless, Nick Patrick is always getting knocked out, poor guy. Getting to the end, and it's obvious Smythe is in control, hitting the Wonderful Dream again ... and again .... and again, before climbing out of the cage, with the victory. It was good match, well worth a ME slot.




Our final match of the evening, is VFM Vs. The "Maniac" Matt Wilson. Obviously, Matt recorded this match, wanna' know how I know that? Hurt was the first thing I heard when this match started, that's how I know. With this match involving the likes of VFM and the Maniac, it was bound to be a 5-Star classic. Back and forth action, constant reversals from both parties, as it should be. Always remember people "Reversing with top triggers, is better than reversing with the strike button", that's the key to winning matches, AND looking good in the ring, at the same time. VFM starts to get the upper hand later on, as Matt starts to get red, but out of nowhere BAMN, CHOKESLAM BITCH! And Matt's right back in this. My god, the back and forth fist fights between these two, AWESOMENESS! Really close contest now, it's all a matter of who can get that momentum up, and hit their finisher quick enough. As a wrote that last part, I noticed this:


FINISH REVERSAL / FINISHER REVERSAL / FINISHER REVERSAL. Along with a brilliant finish from the VICE Pres, a perfect way top off a great show this week.


I recommend anyone who doesn't normally watch a whole show, to watch this, it's really the perfect build up to Wrestlution IV, which is bound to kick a few people in the ass, and change OCW for the better, for 2009.


Now excuse me, while I go listen to some Hurt.

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yeah, i completely forgot about we had the same caf, ive been meaning to change it lately


yeah i admit we dragged it out .. the funny thing is we did all out spots on insinct.. cause omega accidently forgot to turn his mic on lol ... i forgot for a second that theres no sunmissions in that match and i didnt want to pin off a submission hold, and i admit the foor stomp i did off the ladder had me mark when it hit

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This is officially the first show i watched.


Good match by Carlos and Leon. So the first show i watch, the champ gets beat in an exhibition match? LMAO


Anyways, good storyline between smythe, and leon. Also good storyline with VFM, and Blade. The "Ill be cleansing us both" at the end, was the quote of the night..


And the Smythe Regan match, wasnt even a fair fight. We all know in real life, the best president ever would have sent smythe back to the cotton fields!


I am definately impressed with the new crop! Even Wesley, although the part about the guy running out to fight Wesley over the New York sports team, comment, was a bit overboard.



EDIT: I didnt know there was another match until i read the other posts. Definately MOTN goes to VFM and Wilsons. BAck and forth, and really didnt know who would win until that finisher was hit.

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