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Riot April 23, 2009

Stacey Adams

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Snoobish Smythe makes me chuckle.


Very good roleplays to start the show and then a match full of finisher reversals and twists and turns.


Also that devious bastard attacking Blade was simply cruel. Finish was rather interesting really gets him over with the way he just took it on the chin and got right back up.


Page 2:


An ok match, brought down by a few things, although there is a rather hilarious spot where a chair and sledgehammer meet, and the sledgehammer runs like a little girl. Finish to the match is... Questionable? It's reversible but it's rather gay in my opinion. Props to the winner though as there was a few finisher reversals involved in it too.


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Amart/Bauer will commence next week. The short week threw me off. Amart and I are on different time zones. We could not make the match happen with our schedules.


The fuck up, I'm disappointed in you Bauer.



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This week was a solid offering. Wasn't as exciting as last week, but can't really expect that with everything that went down on the last show. A little story more story development from some which is nice. There was also some ethical stuff I saw but I'll see if some of you guys point it out if not i'll point it out later but I'd prefer if you all policed your selves a little.

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I haven't got to watch all the matches yet but i'll comment on the first two i have.


Wow for that first match, unexpected but a pretty well played match, keep practicing guys.


Second match: Is what i think nate is getting at, there might be more i don't know, but i didn't like the moonwalking in this match, especially when someone got a finisher, we don't flee from confrontation in ocw, we live for it, so just work on that slants, and it'll be all good. Match wasn't horrible though. I actually made that finisher but looking at it it just seems unreal so i didn't use it, being ex and using it makes it worse and better, worse cause you're less likely to look like you have the strength to actually do it, and better cause you are still doing it on smaller guys, but really it just looks unreal, very cool but unreal if anyone even looked closely good with it, it'd be one of our monsters like MMW,Mayhem,Coop, Ministry, or Bold.


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KD/Blade was a hell of a match, i recorded it and i couldnt belive how good it was.


OD/Knox was ok, the ending was 'me'h and pretty questionable to me, as I fucking hate the airplane spin into a finisher, I personally think its harder to counter from that than any other set up in the game.


Guy laid a whoopin on Vindicator....and VFM handed Valmont his ass, i dont think VV hit a single offensive move for like the last 4 minutes.


Seth punked out RD...


Air and Coop look like pretty good tag champs,odd,but good.


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Really enjoyed the show.Smythe your rp's are gold.One thing ,I thought if you knock someone down with a strike you couldn't do your finisher.Now my fpr isn't perfect just wanted to know.



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