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RV's OCW Turmoil 02-03-2009


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We start off with an RP of Frank Smith being called QUEERBATE whoever did that is a legend.


Then we have Frank’s submission match against Wesley. This match was surprisingly one sided for so long then there was a nice turn in there. Good effort from the loser but the result I pretty much expected.


Then we have my own submission match. Fucking props to Judas Hollows for a fucking fantastic match. You had me shitting in my pants and I enjoyed that one a lot.


Then we have an interview turned assault. I like the fact you guys are putting in a shift and getting work done and I liked the video. But the ladder dive was too much IMO.


Vindicator is scary.


Regan puts Rox against PEE STEE, I sense an ass kicking.


Next Regan is in the guy training. He got from his office to the gym DAMN fast. Leon is a puss now apparently…wait wasn’t he always?


Marked for Park’s entrance. His attire reminds me of Majin, he has that whole hardcore feel Majin used to. I like Rox’s attire and his music works quite well also. BUSTED NUT LMAO! Rox started quite well but after that it seemed like Parker was saying “Die noob I’m a midcarder and I‘m above you!”. Rox went yellow VERY fast indeed. Props to Rox for the sig move counter, nicely done especially sicne it was a corner move, no such luck the 2nd time as he BUSTS A NUT. Finisher counter by Rox also. And another finisher counter. I’d be starting to worry just now if I was Parker. Rox hits his sig move and an ass whipping has turned into a close finish. Parker hit’s the elbow and it’s done. Hell of an effort Rox but I hate you for IMO out-doing my match.


Wonderchild in the house. He cuts a nice promo about his losing streak being over. Before he is interrupted by what can only be described as himself in drag. Smythe kissing this woman cause the crowd to ‘moo’ her apparently. That’s either very clever indicating they think she’s a cow or it reconfirms the theory that Smythe cannot spell.


Mayhem cuts an Undertaker like dark promo, say what you will about Mayhem he’s probably one of the best at writing dark promos. He gets jumped by Seth who attacks him with a weight. This is how an attack video should be done, sharp and crisp.


Nate and Smythe have a locker room altercation. I like the feel between these two. Smythe plays the almost “unserious” heel role well. Not to say he isn’t a rapper you don’t want to fuck with. But the way he just treats talking like Nate as a joke. Everyone’s watching this “six” rather than their back.

Just little things that make his character work.


I hate Leon for his markable entrance and song. Karim makes the biggest impact in his recent OCW career during Guy’s entrance by signing on to live. Nice reversal battle at the start. Leon putting the ref down then throwing Guy to Regan was nice. Karim pops up again inviting us all to a party! Maybe we can see him dance. The match kinda dragged for me. The outside brawls made sense but there was too much. Although the end was awesome. I dunno how or who did those camera angles but I marked the fuck out.



[23:39] locoNY911: You get solace in the fact you arent a fuck up.


2k9's better than 2k8. Like being shot in the knee is better than being shot in the head. - Guy Fausto

[18:40] locoNY911: I mostly aggree with your statements

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Frank/Wesley, evenly paced match despite the noticable size difference. But in the end, it WAS a sub match so... yeah.


Trips/Hallows, Hallows is impressive, had control over most of the match but don't look past Trips. Excellent match.


Like the beat the clock concept, people need to start brainstorming on more good concepts like that. I like the feud that's building between Trips/Frank.


PeeStee, we gotta hook up again some time. Match of the night IMO (yeah, i said it), and I'm not just saying that because I was in it. I don't usually toke up before a match, but this time I did because I had just scored my flame. Maybe I should make that my pre match ritual. Good fucking match bro.


Haha, your theme just randomly started playing from my playlist, ironic.


Leon/Guy, what can I say? The two most entertaining guys in the place put out some chaos! Props to you both.


Not a whole lot to this show RP wise, gotta say Mayhem is the baddest mother fucker today. You have the most complete character here and I felt your RP. Keep up the good work, I mark hard for you every week.


Vindicator, you are a very disturbed individual, I can see the pain in your eyes. Can't wait to see what you have planned.


This Turmoil may have been short, but everyone involved delivered. Good job guys.


Karim makes the biggest impact in his recent OCW career during Guy’s entrance by signing on to live.

WHY isn't there an option to mark out twice?

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Nice rp's ,nice show but my hat off to Wesley and Judas if you didn't find yourself chearing for either one these guys you are mad!Oh nice return Park.



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where was I when they said double O for sigs




according to this we can use them at any time .. show me proof rox and ill retract this statement

I could have sworn it was double orange for sigs. Seems like I remember Jay saying that.


If I'm wrong then I'll edit my original post. I think double orange makes more sense though.

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sigs can be done at any point in a match but you can only do each sig move once.


You get two attempts doesn't matter if it's the same one or not but only two. So you can if you wanted hit the same sig twice.



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